Story of catching COVID19 in NYC during the earliest days of the virus..Also J Elvis Weinstein is Tormented by a New Mark Discovery

Our guest, Dan Gerstein, contracted COVID-19 but added several societal layers.  Starting with his wife whose family was enduring the brunt of it in her home, Italy.

He wrote about it in his NY Daily News article

He talks with Mark Thompson and J Elvis Weinstein about the entire experience of the earlier days of the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC.

First, Mark torments J Elvis with his new “toy” and the two review the world of presidential corona virus briefings and the magic of Huell Howser

00-2:30 Intro

2:45- 30:40 J Elvis Weinstein

31:00- 1:01:50 Dan Gerstein on COVID19 in his life

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Mark Thompson and J Elvis Weinstein discuss life as shut-ins and some of the news around the Covid-19 outbreak.

Then, Pulitzer Prize winner and investigative journalist, David Cay Johnston on the world of Trump and money in politics.

David’s website is

Then, Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist for the Washington Post, Phillip Rucker, on his new book, A Very Stable Genius: Donald J Trump’s Testing of America

:00-1:30 Mark intro

1:30-23:00 Mark and J Elvis Weinstein talk life under COVID19

23:00- 1:04:45 David Cay Johnston joins Mark and J.Elvis

1:04:45-1:41:30 Washington Post journalist, Phillip Rucker

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911 Call at Mark’s House Brings Cops with Big Guns…Also, Superstar Dietician, Julieanna Hever

In this episode:

The cops come to Mark’s house in force…Michael Shure talks campaign politics and superstar plant dietician Julieanna Hever joins.

Julieanna’s latest book, The Healthspan Solution–How and What to Eat to Add Years To Your Life is a mix of science, recipes and beautiful photos of the food that those recipes create.

She’s written the book with scientist and gourmet chef, Ray Cronise.

Julieanna’s Books are available at Julieanna’s website

First,  Mark talks with Michael Shure who is on the road with the Presidential candidates.  The two talk about the flaws in the caucus system and Bernie’s chances (along with Elizabeth Warren and the progressive left) moving forward

Plus, they visit a bizarre and magical hockey moment.

Then, Mark welcomes in J. Elvis Weinstein and Mark tells the story of an intruder at his home and cops showing up with a massive show of force and the arrest that follows.

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00-1:00 Mark welcome

1:30-17:15 Michael Shure on Politics

17:50-46:55 J Elvis Weinstein joins for Mark’s “cop story”

46:55-1:19:40 Superstar Dietician, Julieanna Hever


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New Documentary ,THE ANIMAL PEOPLE, Produced by Joaquin Phoenix Reveals Chilling U.S. Gov’t Legal Crusade Against Activists

From the road in New Hampshire, political reporter Michael Shure talks about the mess of Iowa, the primary in New Hampshire and the impeachment acquittal of Donald Trump.


Mark speaks with the director and one of the activists profiled in the new documentary THE ANIMAL PEOPLE:

(summary from IMDB)

Fifteen years in the making, this feature documentary – Executive Produced by Joaquin Phoenix – follows the journey of six young Americans who find themselves targeted as terrorists by the US government for their involvement in a controversial protest campaign. Seeing the future of social movement organizing, the activists used the then fledgling internet to dramatically magnify their impact as they systematically knocked out the pillars of financial support that kept the company in business. But when letter writing and protests began to mushroom into dead-of-night vandalism and worse by unknown activists, this corporation and the government formed an alliance to destroy the group. The FBI began an unprecedented campaign of surveillance in preparation for prosecution, creating a model that would later be used against Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. Congress, under corporate influence, rewrote laws and bent the definition of incitement in order to accomplish the prosecution of these six, potentially weakening free speech rights for all Americans. Featuring expansive interviews with the activists spanning over a decade, rare archival footage – including never-before-seen FBI undercover surveillance tapes, wiretaps and government documents, The Animal People is a chilling portrait of what happens when activism rattles the institutions of power.

:00- 2:50  Mark welcome and explains episode

3:15-17:05  Michael Shure checks in from New Hampshire Primary…Also talks impeachment vote/acquittal.

17:10-1:15:16   From the documentary film, THE ANIMAL PEOPLE, Director, Casey Suchan and activist, Jake Conroy

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Emmy Award Winning Comedy Writer Merrill Markoe Gets Another Award..Talks Letterman Show and Beyond… Plus, Pulitzer Prize Winner, James Risen, on Iran, Trump and the Rise of the Religious Right

Mark welcomes back the audience and J Elvis Weinstein!


As head writer on the Letterman Show (both daytime and late night) Merrill has influenced the entire culture and genre of contemporary talk shows.

We visit with her as she writes her acceptance speech for the prestigious Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award from the Writers Guild and reflects on her award winning work with the Letterman shows–work that shaped a generation of comedy.

J Elvis Weinstein joins Mark Thompson for the talk with Merrill.

Then, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, James Risen on Iran, the U.S. intelligence community and a reinvigorated abortion debate in America.

00:00-07:20 Mark welcomes back the audience and J Elvis Weinstein!

720-41:10   Merrill Markoe on Comedy

41:25- 1:17:30 James Risen on Intel Community, Iran and Abortion Rights

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