12 Ways Donald Trump Can Win…Guest Richard Greene…Also, a Mini-Dive on The Verdict

Columnist, lecturer and political strategist, Richard Greene, takes us through the likely strategy the GOP and Donald Trump will use to win a second term, no matter how big Trump’s popular vote loss may be.

Here’s the link to Richard Greene’s latest piece in Medium which lists the 12 ways Trump can, and likely will, win.

First, J. Elvis Weinstein and Michael Shure react to the final night of the Republican Convention.

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00:00-01:35 Mark welcome

01:50-14:51  J Elvis Weinstein and Michael Shure

14:51-47:04 Richard Greene –Trump route to winning

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Mark and Friends..On the Dems COVID Convention and a Bombshell Story Barely Getting Air

Mark Thompson welcomes back comedian and documentary filmmaker, J. Elvis Weinstein, and the two speak with political analyst, Michael Shure about the Democratic National Convention.

Then, after Michael, award winning former journalist and media executive, Joe Ferullo, joins the two and talks about how the use of media in this time of COVID-19 transformed essential media aspects of that convention.

Lastly, why one of the biggest stories of the week involving Russian collusion and corruption is getting so little play.

00:00-01:25 Mark hello

01:25-16:46 Michael Shure

16:46-34:16 Joe Ferullo

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When it comes to Trump, it’s all about money and The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold is one of our favorites when it comes to covering the part of the Trump administration that connects to money.

David joins Mark to talk about the strategies that Trump has used on the media and the country and how they reflect those he used at what turned out to be the fraud that was Trump University.

You can read the David Fahrenthold article that Mark talks about here

Professor Edward Goldberg joins Mark for the second half of the show.

He says our nationalist trade policies are destroying the country and the pandemic has only hastened those realities.

His book is Why Globalization Works For America: How Nationalist Trade Policies Are Destroying Our Country

:02:-24 David Fahrenthold

:24-:59 Professor Edward Goldberg



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THE OUTPOST Director, Rod Lurie, on Afghanistan and Telling a True Story

Director, writer and producer Rod Lurie is getting terrific reviews for his film, THE OUTPOST, which tells the true story of an attack on an American outpost in Afghanistan.

This film is not pro-war or anti-war and doesn’t have a political slant one way or another but does provide the viewer with an immersive, riveting experience.

Mark talks with Rod about shooting this movie which feels all too real and how, several times, the movie almost didn’t happen or was derailed.

It’s Rod and Mark for the entire episode.

:00-01:30 Mark welcome

1:30-47:00 Mark and Rod

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Jimmy Dore Has His Blowtorch on High…Nothing in the Political System Is Spared

As political awareness and participation increases, Jimmy Dore is at the center of a lot of the action.

Jimmy is a political activist and comic with a formidable following.

Jimmy Dore joins Mark for the entire episode.

:00-01:30 Mark hello

01:30-53:00 Jimmy Dore and Mark T

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