Emmy Award Winning Comedy Writer Merrill Markoe Gets Another Award..Talks Letterman Show and Beyond… Plus, Pulitzer Prize Winner, James Risen, on Iran, Trump and the Rise of the Religious Right

Mark welcomes back the audience and J Elvis Weinstein!


As head writer on the Letterman Show (both daytime and late night) Merrill has influenced the entire culture and genre of contemporary talk shows.

We visit with her as she writes her acceptance speech for the prestigious Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award from the Writers Guild and reflects on her award winning work with the Letterman shows–work that shaped a generation of comedy.

J Elvis Weinstein joins Mark Thompson for the talk with Merrill.

Then, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, James Risen on Iran, the U.S. intelligence community and a reinvigorated abortion debate in America.

00:00-07:20 Mark welcomes back the audience and J Elvis Weinstein!

720-41:10   Merrill Markoe on Comedy

41:25- 1:17:30 James Risen on Intel Community, Iran and Abortion Rights

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