The Naked Truth About the COVID Bailout with Journalist David Dayen and Michael Shure on This Moment in American History

The bailout/rescue package that’s poured trillions of dollars into the American economy has done so in a very specific way.  The corporate money grab is beyond anything most Americans would  imagine.

The remarkable truths about the bailout are revealed by guest, David Dayen, from The American Prospect.

Here’s a link to David’s article at

Michael Shure kicks off the episode with the politics and realities of life in America as COVID-19 lockdowns and Black Lives Matter unrest meet and produce uncomfortable realities in America.

00-02:00 Mark intro

2:00-29:00 Michael Shure

29:00-1:01:00 Journalist David Dayen

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Eddie Pepitone on Comedy During Covid19…And Michael Shure on Election Politics and Flipping Seats

Comedian Eddie Pepitone has been the subject of documentaries and has made his way through the comedy scene as both enormously popular with audiences and “a comic’s comic”.

What’s it like to see the live comedy scene shut down because of COVID19?  How does the comedy scene still flourish during this time of unprecedented obstacles?

Eddie joins J Elvis Weinstein for the conversation.

First, Michael Shure talks key political races and election politics.

The guys also remember performances from Al Pacino and the TV series, Emergency.

00-06:30 Mark on U.S. rioting

7:00-30:30 Michael Shure politics

30:30-1:08:30 Comedian Eddie Pepitone

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Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz Talks About His #1 Podcast and All Things Mankiewicz

Josh Mankiewicz from Dateline NBC has the number one podcast in America right now.  It’s called, MOTIVE FOR MURDER.  He takes us through some of the beats of the podcast.

He talks with longtime friend, Mark Thompson, and comedian/documentary filmmaker, J.Elvis Weinstein about life as a Mankiewicz (his grandfather wrote Citizen Kane and his family is something of show business and Washington political royalty).

Finally, culture blaster, Michael Snyder (culture critic for Marina Times and writer of Coastal Commuter Column) reviews entertainment picks and kicks it around with Mark and J. Elvis.

00:00-08:15 Mark and J Elvis welcome

08:15-1:01:24 Josh Maniewcz

1:01:24-1:18:46  Culture Blaster, Critic Michael Snyder

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Biden Has Challenges..What’s His Best Strategy? Featuring Political Analyst Michael Shure and Comic J. Elvis Weinstein

In an election season marked by new challenges created by COVID-19, Joe Biden has another challenge not unfamiliar to some high profile men:  An accusation of sexual assault.

How to appropriately engage on this issue and how to campaign during a presidential election season that is unlike any other.

Political analyst Michael Shure joins Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein for the conversation.

:00-33:20 Mark, J. Elvis and Michael Shure

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Story of catching COVID19 in NYC during the earliest days of the virus..Also J Elvis Weinstein is Tormented by a New Mark Discovery

Our guest, Dan Gerstein, contracted COVID-19 but added several societal layers.  Starting with his wife whose family was enduring the brunt of it in her home, Italy.

He wrote about it in his NY Daily News article

He talks with Mark Thompson and J Elvis Weinstein about the entire experience of the earlier days of the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC.

First, Mark torments J Elvis with his new “toy” and the two review the world of presidential corona virus briefings and the magic of Huell Howser

00-2:30 Intro

2:45- 30:40 J Elvis Weinstein

31:00- 1:01:50 Dan Gerstein on COVID19 in his life

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