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No Teleprompters!! Legendary L.A. News Anchors Tell Their Stories

You could go for years and years and never run into the personalities and experiences that our three guests share.

As anchors on the NBC and Fox stations in Los Angeles all three of our guests have lives filled with a window on everything from show business to hard news.

Kelly Lange talks about experiences with everyone from Orson Welles to Bob Hope to Johnny Carson and her prolific career writing murder mysteries…

Fritz Coleman talks about trying to build a show business career in a less than friendly Hollywood…

And John Beard shares the tale of rescuing a child from war torn Lebanon.  Then, years later John talks of being fired from Fox11 and an incident that may have led up to that firing.

Mark also has stories and chimes in as well!  Enjoy

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The Doctor/ Inventor Who Saved Cyclists’ Erections Encounters a Psychic Healer…Also, Mark Harris on Director Mike Nichols

So much here on this packed episode…

Author Mark Harris has just completed a fascinating biography about Director, Mike Nichols.  MIKE NICHOLS: A LIFE

Harris joins Mark Thompson to discuss…

Mike Nichols, an immigrant, with a troubled childhood, emerges as a key figure in entertainment, Nichols’ story is a remarkable one.

Then, J Elvis Weinstein joins Mark for a conversation about a lot of things: Don McLean the singer and his girlfriend and also a word about Mark’s radio producer, Albert, who has also joined.  Mark tells a story about his failed Comedy Central pilot script and how success in show business has to bring many things together.

Finally, our featured guest is Dr. Roger Minkow.

Roger is an inventor who revolutionized the bicycle seat for millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.  His seats literally changed that world.

Roger is also the mind behind airline seat redesign that’s been installed in cockpits around the world.

Roger Minkow has arrived to the show on this episode with a story of cancer and a virtual healer who is delivered to his life in a bizarre and chance fashion.

Check it out and tell us what you think.

00-2:11 Mark says hello

2:11-13:28 Mark Harris on Mike Nichols

13:28-39:15 J Elvis joins Mark and they welcome Albert

39:15-1:23:00. Dr Roger Minkow

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Comedy Writer, Merrill Markoe, Found Her Childhood Diaries…She Turned That Discovery Into Her Latest Book

Comedy writer, Merrill Markoe, has a keen perspective on life.

Now, she turns that perspective toward her own life, having recently discovered her childhood diaries and turned them into an annotated and illustrated journey in the form of her latest book, We Saw Scenery–The Early Diaries of Merrill Markoe.

Merrill is a multiple Emmy Award-winning writer and boosted The David Letterman show into the America cultural zeitgeist.

She also wrote for shows like Sex and the City, Newhart and Moonlighting.

Merrill’s written eight books in addition to her latest and was awarded the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for television writing achievement.

She joins Mark and J Elvis Weinstein to talk about her book, We Saw Scenery–The Early Diaries of Merrill Markoe.

The second half of the show brings on a man who has spent his life on the street. 

Homeless by choice, Bumdog Torres discusses the year 2020 which had unimaginable challenges for all of us but for the homeless those challenges were amplified and encompassed a civil disobedience movement in addition to COVID-19.

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Our Not Exactly “Warm” Holiday Tradition: A Visit From “The Pit Bull of Comedy” Bobby Slayton

Nothing says it’s the holidays like our podcast tradition of a visit with comedian, BOBBY SLAYTON.

Bobby talks about opening for musicians and how that helped develop his aggressive manner on stage…the proliferation of podcasts…celebrity dinner parties.

Slayton explains he hates going out, so COVID has worked out…also, how he became the voice of SKECHERS…

Bobby tells Mark about last new year’s eve, performing in Hawaii (with Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, Joe Walsh, Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder), may have been the best ever…and more.

Happy holidays and enjoy, “The Pitbull of Comedy”, Bobby Slayton.

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The Lies We Tell About America to Ourselves and the World, with Author Jared Sexton

Author, journalist and professor, Jared Yates Sexton, joins Mark Thompson to talk about his latest, enormously compelling and intensely researched book, American Rule: How a Nation Conquered the World but Failed Its People

Jared goes way beyond the myth of American exceptionalism with which most are familiar and looks to the start of the nation and the “founding fathers”.   He continues the trip through history with discussions that include the Reagan years and legacy and extend to even the latest election.

The episode starts with political commentator, Michael Shure and comedian/documentary filmmaker, J Elvis Weinstein, doing a post-mortem on the Presidential election and a look at the future in which Donald Trump may be very much relevant.

00:00-1:50 Mark welcome

1:50- 25:08 J Elvis, Michael Shure and Mark

25:08-49:41 Jared Yates Sexton and Mark

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