Animal, Vegetable, Junk… Best-Selling Author, Food Writer Mark Bittman…Plus…Homegrown Hate…The Rise of White Nationalism & Militant Islamists

Best selling author Mark Bittman…Plus..Author and Researcher Sara Kamali, PHD

To call Mark Bittman an authority on food and eating is to understate it in the extreme.  His columns, books and writings have, for decades, in the New York Times and elsewhere, celebrated the delights of food and the changing nature of trends in what we eat.

In his latest book, ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, JUNK he takes on Big Food and reexamines that nature of the food we eat, how it’s prepared and where it comes from.

It’s a revolutionary notion and comprehensive treatment of a subject Bittman has written about for decades.

He talks with Mark Thompson.

Then Sara Kamali chronicles, in her latest book, the causes and manifestations of a rise in white nationalism and militant Islamists.

Mark and Sara discuss the rise of Q, disinformation and the threat of these groups in the coming years.

Sara strikes a note of optimism.

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