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Best Economic News You’ll Never Hear, Major Cities Losing People & Rich Kids Get Into Elite Colleges through Elite Sports…First, Mayor Pete’s Problem and a Prediction

Atlantic Magazine writer, Derek Thompson, is our guest for a conversation about and around provocative stories and subjects he’s written about.

Derek touches on a part of the economy that’s doing well but isn’t getting any attention, the bizarre reason for the declining population of a few major American cities and the elite sports that give the advantage to rich, white high schoolers. 

Mark and Derek also revisit his book, Hit Makers, the making of a hit idea (the science of popularity)

For the articles from Derek Thompson that we spoke of and more, here’s the link:

For Derek’s book click here:  HIT MAKERS

Michael Shure visits to talk Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren, Iowa polls, the Syria mess and a prediction.

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00-:45 show open

00:00:45-00:22:15 Michael Shure on Politics

00:22:15-00:58:00 Atlantic Writer, Derek Thompson

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Our own J. Elvis Weinstein has a new comedy album, CHUNKS.

Mark and J Elvis talk about the album and play excerpts.

They also visit about J Elvis’s new movie role.

First, political analyst, Michael Shure, breaks down U.S. relations with the Saudis, Turks and a complicated involvement with the Middle East.

He also looks at Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the state of the current political scene.

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Bernie’s Heart, Trump’s Impeachment as a GOP Fundraising Win.. Also, John Cleese’s Daughter, Camilla, Tells Stories of a Python-ish Life with Dad

Legendary Monty Python performer John Cleese has a daughter who is a writer and comedian and whose life with her father John is the source of laughter, frustration and even derision.

She visits with Mark and J Elvis Weinstein and tells stories of growing up with the remarkable Monty Python performer and going on the road as part of her famous father’s one man show.

As always, we welcome comedian and documentary filmmaker J. Elvis Weinstein as he sits in with Mark Thompson for the conversation with Camilla Cleese.

First, Michael Shure talks all things politics!

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:00-02:30 Mark hello/intro

2:30-15:35 Michael Shure on Politics

15:47-1:17:30 Camilla Cleese

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Homeless By Choice All His Life… Plus Epic Politics Man Michael Shure Breaks Down the Realities on Trump and Impeachment

Bumdog Torres has been homeless all around the world by deliberate choice.

Mark talks with Bumdog about why he’s chosen this life, his journey though life around the world as a homeless person and what it’s like to live on the streets.

First, political expert, Michael Shure, breaks down Congress, Trump and an impending impeachment inquiry.

00-03:45 Mark And J Elvis Intro

4:00-20:06 Michael Shure on Politics

20:06-1:28:00 Bumdog Torres


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Legendary Photograher, Henri Dauman, on Hiding From the Nazis, coming to the USA and Chronicling Generations of American Life

Henri Dauman and his camera lens have been witness to some of the most famous people and memorable events in modern history.

His photographs splashed across magazines like LIFE, LOOK and  PARIS MATCH in the heydays of those publications and vaulted him to the top of his field.

He visits with Mark Thompson and J Elvis Weinstein and although they begin with discussions of his photography and his iconic photos chronicling American life, the emotional, personal story that is Henri’s life is one they discuss in detail as well.

Henri’s father was killed by the Nazis at Auschwitz and his mother died in a freakish accident when Henri was only 13.  This, after his mother and he had separated and survived hiding from the Nazis as they rose to power in France.

Henri’s work and life is brilliantly put together in a yet-to-be-released documentary called Henri Dauman: Looking Up.  The director of that documentary, Peter Kenneth Jones joins Mark and Josh at the end of the show.

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00-03:09 Mark intros

03:09-1:10 Henri Dauman

1:10-1:19:05 Peter Kenneth Jones, Documentary Director

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