Bernie’s Heart, Trump’s Impeachment as a GOP Fundraising Win.. Also, John Cleese’s Daughter, Camilla, Tells Stories of a Python-ish Life with Dad

Legendary Monty Python performer John Cleese has a daughter who is a writer and comedian and whose life with her father John is the source of laughter, frustration and even derision.

She visits with Mark and J Elvis Weinstein and tells stories of growing up with the remarkable Monty Python performer and going on the road as part of her famous father’s one man show.

As always, we welcome comedian and documentary filmmaker J. Elvis Weinstein as he sits in with Mark Thompson for the conversation with Camilla Cleese.

First, Michael Shure talks all things politics!

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:00-02:30 Mark hello/intro

2:30-15:35 Michael Shure on Politics

15:47-1:17:30 Camilla Cleese