Writing for TV, movies and novels…The quirky, funny, cynical world of Hollywood writer Caprice Crane

Writer Caprice Crane is funny, charmingly self-deprecating and sharp witted with a cynical edge.  She’s loved by audiences across a few media…They read her books, interact with her online and follow her very funny Twitter feed.

Caprice grew up in Hollywood the daughter of famous parents and gives us a sense of her world as a kid.  It was one made up of hanging out with the children of the glitterati but it seems with all the normal teen crushes as the rest of the world that just played out in a bit of a different way.  In fact, one of those crushes led to hunting down her teen heart throb.

Here’s a sample of some of the great books that Caprice has written. Click a title and pick a copy up today on Amazon.com!



























We really liked Caprice’s visit and hope she’ll be back–Next time she’ll have to bring her own coffee because clearly Mark can not be trusted to make it.

Caprice’s mom and dad: Les Crane and Tina Louise













Les Crane and Nipsey Russell




















J. Elvis Weinstein from Cinematic Titanic, Freaks and Geeks and Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of our favorites and an accomplished writer/producer as well so we invited him to join in on the conversation.

As always Heather Ankeny (actress and producer) co-pilots with Mark Thompson.