Her Husband Dealt Drugs.. She Didn’t..He Got 4 Years and She Got 20

We start with a 10 minute blast of politics from political analyst and journalist Michael Shure talking with Mark Thompson.

Then our guest, Amy Povah…  

When Federal Drug agents burst into her home, Amy Povah was confronted at gunpoint. 

Amy was sentenced to two decades in prison and spent 10 years behind bars because her husband was dealing drugs.  She was not part of his drug dealing.  By the way, the husband pleaded his time down to 4 years.

It was her husband agents were after.  His overseas  ECSTASY drug operation had grown to the point that he was something of a kingpin.

Amy explains to Mark and Josh that she was not part of that operation but was faced with the specter of wearing a wire and becoming an underground informant anyway.  The Feds said that if she didn’t cooperate in that way they’d send her away for a mandatory 24 year sentence.

Worried about the danger etc. she didn’t cooperate in that way and they indeed sentenced her to two decades behind bars.

How she got out after 10 years and how she’s working to help others, often girlfriends and spouses or other family members in jail for sometimes something as little as taking a phone message for a known dealer, is part of what she talks about with Mark Thompson and J.Elvis Weinstein.

Her outreach and clemency program is CAN-DO, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders.   There’s more information at candoclemency.com