What Do Charles Manson, Jay Leno, Haunted Highway and Bruce Springsteen Have In Common ? Our guest, Robin Keats…Plus, Michael Shure on The Evangelical Right Taking Charge

With a background as a writer, researcher and even poetry editor for the New Yorker, planning the funeral of Charles Manson seems like a job television producer, Robin Keats, wouldn’t be involved in but Robin is no normal television producer.

Robin shares details of his new documentary focusing on the real family of Charles Manson (not the infamous family involved in the murders and crime spree).

Robin also tells Mark and J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) about his life as a writer and documentarian which brings him into many worlds.

Those worlds include being approached to head up a “fake news” organization.

The show begins with THE FAST 15, political reporter and analyst, Michael Shure, fresh from his trip to Arkansas, talks about the evangelical movement in America and it’s increasing political power.

:00-3:00 Mark says hello and responds to an email

3:00-18:20 Michael Shure on the Christian right and political power

18:20-1:19:00 Guest Robin Keats on everything from the supernatural to Charles Manson

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