Pardon Me: The New Trump “Obsession” …Then, Writing JAWS and THE JERK, Screenwriter Carl Gottleib

Carl Gottlieb is famous for having helped bring the film, Jaws, to the screen.

Carl also collaborated with Steve Martin on THE JERK having met Martin while they were both writers on THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW.

Carl takes Mark Thompson and J.Elvis Weinstein through the process of getting those movies completed.

He also visits the film CAVEMAN (starring Ringo Starr) which Carl wrote and directed.

J Elvis asks about Carl’s participation in the legendary comedy group, THE COMMITTEE and about the emerging S.F. comedy scene of the 60s.

Before Carl Gottlieb, Michael Shure stops by with THE FAST 15: Politics and More.

Michael talks with Mark about the President’s obsession with using pardon power and whether Presidents should have that power at all.

Also, champion teams deciding whether or not to visit the White House..The Supreme Court decision on employees rights to sue.  Then, finally, Miss America says goodbye to swimwear.

You can purchase any of the Carl Gottlieb books by clicking this link. 

Reach the show at

00-3:00  Intro

3:00-18:00 Michael Shure on Politics

18:00-1:50:00  Carl Gottlieb on Movies, Music and 60s/70s Culture

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