Murder, Mystery and being Allison Williams’ godfather–Our guest:Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz

Mark Thompson and Heather Ankeny welcome Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz.

Josh is the first guest in our new outdoor studio overlooking Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

While he fills us in on Jodi Arias’ trial for murder (and helps Heather with her obsession about this case), he also reviews the murders of Jon Benét Ramsey who you may know from our maiden voyage show is Heather’s former neighbor in Colorado.

Heather asks for advice as to whether or not she should “lawyer up” after she murders her husband.

Josh MankiewiczMark busts one of Josh’s signature interview techniques and Josh explains it.

On a serious note: What does law enforcement believe are the three basic motives for murder?  Josh tells us.

He tells us of the network sending him for voice training from a famous voice coach in New York…it did not go well.

Josh is from a high profile family and has a famous goddaughter, Allison Williams (from HBO’s series GIRLS).  We work him for a few details.

Then we dance!


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