It’s The Economy, Stupid! Finally, A Noted Economist Visits the Show

Tyler Cowen is a noted economist and professor at George Mason University in Washington.  He has published many books on economics and our culture.

His latest is:

The Complacent Class: The Self Defeating Quest for the American Dream 

His book breaks down this moment in time in economic terms.

We are not as inventive, entrepreneurial, versatile, daring or even productive as past generations.  But within this cultural and economic moment in time there ARE members of society who take chances and make positive economic change happen.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson for this conversation.

You can buy Tyler Cowen’s books by clicking here.

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One comment to It’s The Economy, Stupid! Finally, A Noted Economist Visits the Show

  • Marko  says:

    Not enough room here.. But I have story on Cousteau view of the plastic inhabited seas controversy & his series on exactly this subject…from few years back..
    Maybe on PBS..which the nastiest Wrick? Troll should view as it’ll make a believer. U had his comments on.. Similar to evangelical believing creation jump kicked about 2000 yrs ago!

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