Deep Sea Treasure Hunting with the Legendary Cousteau Family ALSO Harvey Flooding and Rewriting Columbus History

The show kicks off with THE FAST 15 (in this case, about 22 mins) with Michael Shure talking politics from Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, the failure of the EPA to get help to flooded superfund sites to Mark and Michael talking about the effort to get rid of the “Columbus” in Columbus Day and then a Russia investigation update.

The two talk about a piece of video of a Houston man playing the piano during the flood and there’s a link to it below.

The Cousteau’s talk about their latest adventure which is all about finding treasure on the ocean floor.

Mark asks about what it was like growing up “a Cousteau” and we find out about some accomplishments that Jacques Cousteau was involved in beyond bringing the ocean to our living rooms.

Here’s a link to the Cousteau show, CARIBBEAN PIRATE TREASURE.

Here’s the video of the flooded Houston home where the man is playing his piano in waste deep water.


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