Comey’s Out, Russians and Chinese are In…Plus the Craziness of Josh Robert Thompson

It’s been an eventful period in Washington. Because of that Michael Shure and Mark have a lot to chew on to start the show during THE FAST 15

Then the master of voices and madness, Josh Robert Thompson, explains his new dominance on Facebook Live.  Josh has turned that platform into a moneymaker and he’s done it quickly.

That doesn’t stop him from making fun of some of his viewers but they seem to like being the butt of the joke.

JRThompson also recounts a bit of his old world with Craig Ferguson as the voice of Geoff the Robot and the other characters on the show.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark Thompson

Editors note: Since this conversation, Josh has actually moved onto the Youtube Live platform.

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One comment to Comey’s Out, Russians and Chinese are In…Plus the Craziness of Josh Robert Thompson

  • AJ Nester  says:

    Thanks for going to the trouble of rescuing this interview with Josh Robert Thompson. His brand of Comedy requires that your brain be firing on all cylinders. Josh is walking down an unconventional and untested path to success in the entertainment business. He deserves the chance to perform on a bigger stage. I fear that no one in Hollywood has the guts to get behind his vision. That would be a tragic loss for all of us. He just posted a whole bunch of shows on YouTube ( ) that are also available as podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud under the Joshin Around podcast banner. Highly recommended for those of you with a long drive to work.

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