Comedian Jake Johanssen…Also, a Surprise Meeting with The Stanley Cup…Crisis At The Border…Plus, A Question About Animal Trophy Hunting

Comedian Jake Johanssen is finishing up an international tour with Russell Peters.  He talks about touring with that show and traveling around the world on what can be a brutal performance schedule.

J. Elvis Weinstein joins and the two talk about audiences and politics and what it takes to be a successful comic today.

Jake tells a story about how the talent coordinator for THE TONIGHT SHOW with JOHNNY CARSON thought Jake’s style might be interpreted by Johnny as nervousness and it delayed his booking on that show.

Jake and Mark go back to the 80s and Mark’s a big fan of Jake’s work but this is Jake’s first appearance on the show.

Jake has a podcast called JAKE THIS.

J.Elvis Weinstein’s podcast with Andy Kindler is called THOUGHT SPIRAL.

We start the show with political analyst and hockey fanatic, Michael Shure, running into The Stanley Cup.

Michael also discusses the crisis on the southern border and asks Mark a question about trophy hunting.

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00:00-2:10 Mark welcomes us

2:10- 21:25 Michael Shure on Stanley Cup, Southern Border Drama

21:25-1:38:00 Jake Johanssen

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