Elliott Gould takes us on a ramblin’ ride

For decades Elliott Gould’s work has made him a Hollywood icon.

As a big screen star he was nominated for an Oscar and as a small screen star continues to make an impression in hit series like “Friends” and now the new Showtime drama, “Ray Donovan“.




1101700907_400One gets the feeling that Elliott Gould has forgotten nothing but it’s sometimes a real challenge to get it all out of him.  He touches on his psyche, his maturing and his life as an actor, as well as an America that was in the throws of big cultural changes through much of the prime of his career.

We kind of fell in love with this guy Elliott Gould but we felt this visit, while giving us so much, still left us wanting more.  Maybe that was Elliott’s plan all along.







Elliott Gould smoking......but not really smoking.

Elliott Gould smoking……but not really smoking.


2 comments to Elliott Gould takes us on a ramblin’ ride

  • keri cleverly  says:

    Mark….I, in general, love to listen to you on the radio. I usually catch you on KFI…and I’m always thrilled when you are guest host, (especially for Tim Conway.) I think your intelligence , and your charm , keep you from being petty and trying too hard for a laugh or a point. ANd your commentary seems informed and balanced. You always do a great job!
    That being said: I came to The Edge Show because I was intrigued by the teasers you mentioned regarding Elliott Gould’s interview. Sadly, Elliott Gould had therapeuti-sized himself so much- for so long, that he’s totally screwed up tight. There are no chinks in his armor. Because of that, he came off as flat and defensive. So sad, because as an actor, he’s really riveting.

  • the little one  says:

    ALWAYS recounts the same stories verbatim, i don’t know why i bother listening to him

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