Year End Show! Molly Bloom from Molly’s Game..Also Celebrity Real Estate and the Year’s Best Movies from our Critic

Molly Bloom, whose movie, Molly’s Game, chronicles her story of high stakes poker and being busted by the Feds.
She speaks with Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J Elvis Weinstein about her story.
She talks about Tobey Maguire and the way he sought an edge as part of every transaction involving the game and she tells us about the Russian mob and their efforts to infiltrate the game.  Finally, Molly describes federal agents storming into her home and arresting her and then her day in court.
The show starts with political analyst Michael Shure. Mark and Michael argue about gratuities and the best way to leave a tip. Then, Mark and Michael profile celebrity high end real estate and Michael updates the Trump presidency at the end of the year.
Finally, one of the top film and pop culture critics in the world, Michael Snyder, shares his picks for the best films of the year.

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