What do Biff Henderson’s Golf Cart of Death, Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman Have in Common? Spike Feresten

Comedy writer, producer and host, Spike Feresten is involved in many things…He was a writer/producer on both Seinfeld and David Letterman’s show.  He also had his own successful late night talk show on FOX-TV.

How and why that show went away is a story that Spike shares on this episode.

Spike also co-wrote Bee Movie, the Jerry Seinfeld film that was a huge success.  He talks about the process of writing that film and thinking through the bizarre world of a bee, or at least the bees in the movie.

This episode was recorded at Mark’s home which is up the road from Spike’s.  The two neighbors meet though on the wild roads of L.A. as is discussed in this episode.

Michael Shure begins the episode with THE FAST 15, 15 minutes of politics and other items.  This week, Mark apologizes to Michael for diminishing Michael’s NHL fan status.

The two also talk London terrorism, animals and Wonder Woman (the Jewish superhero).

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