TYT’s John Iadarola Back from the Arctic…and a Listener Proposes a Revolution to Education in America

John Iadarola from the TYT Network (the largest online news network in the world) returns from the Arctic and has a new documentary series chronicling his journey, TRUE NORTH.

John accompanies international climate scientists and shares their thoughts, research and conclusions.  There are also quite a few moments of experiencing local color, history and adventure.

John talks with Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein about the documentary series and about TYT.

First, Michael Shure joins Mark and discusses the sorry state of education with one of our listeners, Randy, who calls in and offers some innovative solutions.

00- 04:30 Mark Intros Show and responds to listener emails

04:30-29:45 Michael Shure and listener Randy on education in America and Trump

29:45-1:20:35 John Iadarola on the Arctic and TYT

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