Trump’s Fixer Gets Raided, The Bulletproof Sean Hannity, Also, Is Meeting with Russians Actually “Collusion”… Then, Our Guest, Sea Shepherd’s Heroic Captain on a 10 Year Hunt and Record-Breaking Pursuit of a Notorious Illegal Fishing Ship

Our guest, Captain Peter Hammarstedt, tells the story of finding the notorious poaching ship, The Thunder, in what is quite literally the middle of nowhere in he Southern Ocean and how once Sea Shepherd and the crew of The Bob Barker found The Thunder, a pursuit of record proportions began.

For 10 years the illegal fishing vessel, The Thunder, evaded capture and legal authorities.  Meantime, The Thunder and it’s crew laid waste to vast stretches of the oceans using drift nets that stretch hundreds of miles and they became among one of the worst offenders in the destruction of the oceans.

Captain Peter Hammarstedt followed in the footsteps of Sea Shepherd Captain and founder, Paul Watson and at age 29, Peter has developed a reputation for being passionate, skilled and doggedly determined.  He and his volunteer crew needed all those qualities to pursue THE THUNDER.

Captain Peter tells Mark and J.Elvis Weinstein what was involved in this potentially deadly cat and mouse game. The stakes were so high and the money involved so significant that it was not clear that Sea Shepherd’s crew wasn’t in mortal danger.

The Captain takes us through the whole harrowing story .

Sea Shepherd missions to stop illegal whaling, dolphin hunts and plundering of the world’s oceans never stop.

For more information on Peter and the Sea Shepherd mission to protect the oceans go to Sea Shepherd’s website:

Michael Shure kicks the show off with the FAST 15.  He talks with Mark about Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen and what might be in the piles of documents that came out of the raid on his office and home.

The two address former FBI head, James Comey’s book tour and what’s significant about it.  Should it change anything about the way we see Trump or Comey?


00-:03 Mark welcomes and intros

:03-:18 Michael Shure/politics THE FAST 15

:18-end Captain Peter Hammarsted

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