Our guest, Chuck Negron, is one of the founding members of THREE DOG NIGHT, one of the most successful bands in history.
He’s responsible along with the two other band members for a string of hits that dominated the charts from 1968 through 1975.
His voice has insane range (over four octaves).  And fronting the band led Chuck to enjoy the world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with unbridled success.
But while Chuck was enjoying a decadent life, ultimately it brought him down. He discusses with Mark and comedian Laura House both his rise and fall and rebirth.
Chuck’s book THREE DOG NIGHTMARE (available on his website ) chronicles all of this.
The show starts with Mark saying hello and updating the news…(1st 5 minutes)
THE FAST 15:  Michael Shure joins Mark to discuss politics and more. (runs until :29)
Mark and Michael do the sexual harassment/misconduct roundup, check in on the state of the GOP tax bill and on plans to lift the ban on trophy hunters bringing parts of creatures they’ve killed back to U.S.
They tell the story of the most expensive painting ever purchased– and it’s flawed! ( 25 mins).  The two discuss the DaVinci that was just sold, who owned it before and how the bidding got so high.
Finally, an honest and entertaining conversation with one of the founders of the legendary band, THREE DOG NIGHT, Chuck Negron.

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