The Mouth That Roars: Talk Host John Kobylt

If you live on the west coast you may be aware of the dominance of The John and Ken Show.  

The show is on KFI radio and is top rated on the most listened to talk station in America.

It’s known for being a nasty spot to end up if you are a politician and the guy with the nastiest bite in the John and Ken duo is our guest, John Kobylt.  

John describes his background and ascent through the ranks of sports journalism to radio dominance.

Mark Thompson is joined by political reporter, analyst and regular contributor Michael Shure for the conversation with John.

4 comments to The Mouth That Roars: Talk Host John Kobylt

  • Erin Chanadet  says:

    Jon and Ken are the best show on KFI, Jon being the very best. He gives me hope for society.

  • Gary LA  says:

    First visit to nice website here after just listening to Mark Thompson referral information on KFIam640 radio with Tim Conway Jr but unfortunately couldn’t even listen to any playable radio podcast clips on my clean safe XP Opera browser and downloading podcast of Captain Watson takes extremely long time sadly disappointed while my comment here is then totally rejected by website error claiming “Bot Detected Only Human access allowed.” immediately after submitting my comment. Sadly disappointed!!!

  • Carol Affeld  says:

    Just listing to you show today in regard to the grang banger who killed the Whitter police officer. Thought you would like to know that when he was put in the ambulance , he told the police I will be out of jail in a month , and I will kill another f—–g
    Police office. I know this is true my husband is a police officer from a near by police department. One of the Whitter police office’s was there when it was said and told other policemen what he had said.

  • H. Brooks  says:

    I finally got around to listening to John K’s interview! I just want to say that I’m very conflicted now. I heard J&K their very first day on KFI and have been a semi-regular listener, and often want to smack John in the head for the things he says on the radio. But listening to this interview was very refreshing and actually enjoyable to hear what a “normal” reasonable and thoughtful person John is. I really hate watching & listening to echo chambers and people just yelling at another person, not having a dialog or discussion. I would listen to the show all the time if it were this good. Unfortunately that’s not where the money is… the money goes to people screaming & crying and being emotionally amped all the time. Thanks for this interview, guys. 🙂

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