The Mouth That Roars on Talk Radio: John Kobylt

John Kobylt is the top rated, outspoken voice on KFI radio in Los Angeles.  He’s one half of the John and Ken Show and by anyone’s yardstick he’s the higher volume blast of the two.

He deplores political correctness and is irritated by any number of things that society and politics serves up on a regular basis.

Mark and John talk everything from entitlement programs to Trump to plastic straws.

The show begins with Michael Shure talking with Mark during THE FAST 15 and the two discuss the awkwardness and often the letdown of meeting your heroes/celebrities.  Michael also gives us a thought on the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

00-3:05 Mark welcomes and intros

3:05-17:30 Michael Shure and THE FAST 15

17:30- 1:16:15 John Kobylt

You can reach the show at

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