THE DOG RESCUER: MARC CHING..INSIDE THE DARK WORLD OF THE ASIAN DOG MEAT MARKET… Also, The Scientology TV Channel, Activism and Gun Laws..Does It Make a Difference? And Remembering Sam Simon

The show starts with an intro and Mark addressing a Stitcher glitch. (00-4:05)

Then, THE FAST 15 and Michael Shure commenting on everything from John Bolton joining the Trump cabinet to the Iran Nuclear Deal to the worldwide gun rallies and the Scientology television network. (4:30-22:06)

Then Mark is joined by Laura House and J.Elvis Weinstein to talk with playwright Marc Acito.  He talks about his latest production, the George Takei inspired musical, Allegiance. (22:22-34:10)

A brief conversation with Chris DeRose (Last Chance For Animals) follows, remembering our friend, Sam Simon on the anniversary of his death this month.  Sam was the co-creator of THE SIMPSONS and a prolific humanitarian.  The two share memories and two funny audio clips. (34:50-43:00)  Last Chance For Animals is at

Finally, Marc Ching.. Marc has made the infiltrating of the Asian dog meat market and rescuing animals from these torturous situations a life’s work.  He’s taken that work here to the USA where the IT’S LEGAL TO EAT DOGS AND CATS.

Marc tells us how he got in to this world and what the prospects are for the future. His organization is ANIMAL HELP AND WELLNESS

Marc is the last interview in the show.(43:00-1:30:00)

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