Special Edition: The New Zealand Manuka Miracle featuring Sam Rubin

In a special edition of the show, Mark Thompson welcomes back entertainment reporter Sam Rubin who has is filled with enthusiasm for a product from New Zealand that Sam explains has significant restorative properties.

Sam insists HE is partially responsible for the “Manuka Miracle,” the sudden upswing in interest in and use of Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Recently featured in a special report on “Good Morning America,” Sam and Mark are joined live from Auckland New Zealand by Kate Kember and David Campbell, both from Manuka Health, New Zealand’s premiere provider of Manuka Honey.

From these two experts, Mark and Sam get full details on the benefits of Manuka Honey for the skin and overall health, learn the special process of bee keeping and harvesting and why Manuka Health’s products are sold in over 45 countries worldwide.  Additionally we learn how to be better consumers and how to avoid rip-offs from unscrupulous providers.

Sam maintains the “Manuka Miracle” can change your life, and maybe even make Mark’s skin glow.

(The show runs 33 minutes)

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