Roseanne Gets “Erased” –Sam Rubin comments…Then Our Resident Gamblers, Michael Shure and Mark Thompson, Don’t Support The Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Sports Gambling

It was an epic week for the most powerful star on television.  In one instant Roseanne Barr destroyed her current show, past show and her standing in show business along with the livelihoods of scores of staffers.

Award winning entertainment journalist, Sam Rubin, from the #1 morning news show in L.A., talks about Roseanne’s epic fall.

Then, Michael Shure had a prediction that looks increasingly accurate.

Plus, Mark and Michael weigh in on the Supreme Court decisions that will legalize sports gambling by state (neither supports it) and a crucial decision against workers’ rights to organize.

:00 -:05   Mark with opening remarks

:05-20:40 Sam Rubin joins Mark to talk Roseanne

20:40-48:00  Michael Shure joins Mark Trump-Broidy prediction, legalizing sports wagering and more.

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