GOP Strategist Decodes Trump..Then: Hitmakers-The Science of What Makes Something Popular

GOP strategist, John Thomas, joins and explains what’s going on with this most unorthodox and, many would say, faltering presidency and administration.
John is a staunch conservative pundit and Mark is, well, not.  Mark and John discuss the environment, regulation and the undoing of everything Obama related.
Then, Derek Thompson (Editor at The Atlantic) stops by to talk about his new book, HITMAKERS The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction.
What makes something, an app, a piece of music, anything, break through the cultural noise and become a hit?  Derek breaks it down in a fascinating conversation.
J.Elvis Weinstein (Josh) and Laura House join Mark for the conversation with Derek.
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Citizen Police Reform…and Urine Testing with Howie Mandel

Michael Wood Jr. says reforming the police force is simple.  Of course, his view of simple and yours might diverge.

Michael is part of a movement that is responding to a broken law enforcement model that has led to innocent civilian deaths and cops who are often afraid to patrol.

He walks us through his experience and perspective on how to bring on change.

More information on Michael Wood Jr.’s movement to reform policing:

J.Elvis Weinstein joins Mark Thompson for the conversation with Michael.

We start with THE FAST 15 during which Michael Shure spends the 15 minutes reflecting on OJ Simpson’s parole, Senator John McCain and getting a urine test for a new job.

That leads to urine test stories and questions.

Comedian/writer Laura House joins us for the very start of the show..We love Laura.

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Impeach Trump? One Expert Says, Forget It…Oh, and That Expert is Mark’s Dad

Sometimes an expert is in your own backyard.

Mark’s father is not only a constitutional lawyer but he’s written a book with an extensive legal analysis of past presidential impeachment proceedings and even the attempted impeachment proceedings to remove presidents.

But worried it was one of those shouting match shows on cable television, Mark’s father, Arnie, initially rejected our show’s invitation to join the show hosted by his own son!

After it was explained that we wanted a civilized conversation to address all the impeachment talk, Mark’s dad agreed to give us a bit of history and handicap the reality of any actions rising to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

The show starts with a a brief introduction and then The Fast 15 with Michael Shure talking politics, Russia and then making way for impeachment talk.

Comedians Laura House and J. Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson for the conversation with his father, Arnie.

Then they share facts about their own parents including one being eerily near JFK’s assassination and the other having tutored Bob Dylan.

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Debuting a Trump Song, Then, Actor Stephen Tobolowsky Has Stories

The show opens with Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein…
Then, THE FAST 15, politics and more with political analyst Michael Shure:
Mark plays a bit of the new MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN song for Michael.  The song debuted on July 4th.
Michael recalls a different campaign song from a different former presidential candidate, Rick Santorum.
Then the two talk trivia about the Declaration of Independence.
Finally, actor, STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY is our guest in a conversation with Mark and J Elvis.
Stephen is a well known character actor, musician and author whose life has been marked by brushes with death and remarkable stories of intuition, drug purchases gone bad, being held hostage at gun point and even rediscovering Judaism.
His stories come from both in show business and out.
Mark is a fan of both of his two books, Dangerous Animals Club and My Adventures with God.
Stephen is the reason the band RADIOHEAD has their name.  It comes out of a collaboration with David Byrne that Stephen goes into on the show.
Stephen’s world takes in quite a lot and he passes along a few amazing stories and even life lessons in this hour.
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A Life Creating Comedy: David Mirkin

As a creator, writer, director and producer of television and film, Dave Mirkin has made quite an impact.

He’s been behind some of the biggest television comedies both from the standpoint of audience and in terms of the impact on the culture of television comedy and entertainment.

From The Larry Sanders Show to The Simpsons and Newhart, Dave takes us through a bit of his world as it emerges through a robust career.

He talks about his good friend Carrie Fisher and their adventure together on a cruise ship filled with the best and the brightest from the arts and technology.

J.Elvis Weinstein joins Mark for this conversation along with comedy writer, Laura House.

Mark starts the show with a 3 minute update from last week’s story on the police in L.A. and a community outreach young cadet program that has ended up in an arrest of an officer and cadets.

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