Comedian Andy Kindler!!

Andy Kindler is back with a free form conversation that J.Elvis Weinstein (Josh) helps along the way.

Josh and Andy are best friends and so the two play a comedic, verbal ping pong that makes for a fun hour.

Before Andy, we spend time with political analyst, Michael Shure.

This week Michael talks about Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and how he’s been given a wealth of responsibility for extremely important things but he has virtually no record of accomplishments in the spheres he’s been charged with navigating.  Also, how the White House is being run like a family business.

Mark talks about how that’s not surprising if one looks at the way Trump runs his other holdings.

Before anything, Michael and Mark talk about the newest entry into the plant based food world: The Beyond Burger.  Michael is over the moon for it.

The episode is broken down with the first 22 minutes devoted to everything that’s not Andy Kindler and after 22 minutes it’s everything that IS Andy Kindler.

J.Elvis Weinstein and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson for the conversation with Andy.

Happy listening.

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Comedian, Producer, Writer and Author: Carol Leifer

Carol Leifer has been involved with a remarkable number of hit comedy shows.  From Seinfeld to the Academy Awards to her own show which was critically heralded as one of the best shows in primetime television. 

The crew asks Carol about some of the shows she’s been involved with a special eye on Seinfeld.

Having come out as a lesbian late in life and after having been married to a man, Carol’s story is both interesting and extraordinary.  The crew quizzes Carol about her wedding and Mark asks Carol about what he calls, “Lesbian World”.  

Mark’s a fan of her books and asks her about her latest book, HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY CRYING.

All of Carol’s stand-up dates and links to buy her book can be found on her website

Heather Ankeny and J.Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson for the conversation with Carol Leifer.

The show starts with THE FAST 15: Politics and more with Michael Shure.  It’s a 15 minute conversation covering the Washington scene and this time Mark and Michael get into the evolution of the ticket broker.

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Inside the IBM Watson Team…Also, Looking Back on 17 Years in Prison and Activism in America: Does It Do Anything?

IBM Watson is leading the pack in artificial intelligence.

Nish Parekh from the Watson team joins us to bring us up to speed on how the technology is finding it’s way into more and more aspects of business and daily interactions.

Plus, Nish’s father may have one of the great immigrant stories.  So great that he starts with nothing and his story culminates with him being a high stakes baccarat player.

Mark of course cannot resist asking Nish about that.

Then, Jeff, talks about his 17 years in prison.  Why was he there and what happens behind bars?

We know Jeff because Heather’s boyfriend spent 5 years in prison and met Jeff during his time there.

The show starts, as it frequently does, with THE FAST 15 with analyst Michael Shure (this time it’s closer to 25 mins).

Mark and Michael talk about politics and get around to the confusion of a misplaced Michelin star that ends up bringing a huge crowd to a beer joint in France.

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Chasing Down Poachers Across the Oceans: Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson

Leading a global movement to protect the world’s oceans is no easy task but Captain Paul Watson has been doing it for 40 years.

As a founding member of Greenpeace, Paul Watson has been an environmental activist from his earliest days.

Watson went on to found SEA SHEPHERD and his work with Sea Shepherd is documented in the show Whale Wars in which Watson hunts down and attempts to stop illegal poaching of whales around the world.  The brutal struggle to stop those illegal activities takes the Sea Shepherd crew into some of the most intense climates and conditions imaginable.

After virtually shutting down illegal Japanese whale hunts, the Japanese government fabricated charges against him to the point that Watson had to remain at sea for over a year to avoid extradition.  He still has to move around the world cautiously because of that warrant.

His work to protect the ocean from illegal fishing and pollution that destroys habitats around the globe continues every day and has continues to make on new forms and faces.

The show begins even before Captain Paul Watson arrives with Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein having a post-superbowl conversation which includes Heather walking us through a decadent Super Bowl party.

The first 20 minutes of the show is our conversation with our regular crew of Heather, Josh and Mark and then Captain Paul Watson joins and J. Elvis is traded out for Chris Little from iHeart Radio.

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The Mouth That Roars: Talk Host John Kobylt

If you live on the west coast you may be aware of the dominance of The John and Ken Show.  

The show is on KFI radio and is top rated on the most listened to talk station in America.

It’s known for being a nasty spot to end up if you are a politician and the guy with the nastiest bite in the John and Ken duo is our guest, John Kobylt.  

John describes his background and ascent through the ranks of sports journalism to radio dominance.

Mark Thompson is joined by political reporter, analyst and regular contributor Michael Shure for the conversation with John.

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