8 women have come forward with reports of inappropriate behavior by actor Morgan Freeman.

Mark Thompson wants to ask Morgan Freeman about these reports.

The segment runs 5:50

Thanks to Josh Robert Thompson for bringing us “Morgan Freeman”

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What Do Charles Manson, Jay Leno, Haunted Highway and Bruce Springsteen Have In Common ? Our guest, Robin Keats…Plus, Michael Shure on The Evangelical Right Taking Charge

With a background as a writer, researcher and even poetry editor for the New Yorker, planning the funeral of Charles Manson seems like a job television producer, Robin Keats, wouldn’t be involved in but Robin is no normal television producer.

Robin shares details of his new documentary focusing on the real family of Charles Manson (not the infamous family involved in the murders and crime spree).

Robin also tells Mark and J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) about his life as a writer and documentarian which brings him into many worlds.

Those worlds include being approached to head up a “fake news” organization.

The show begins with THE FAST 15, political reporter and analyst, Michael Shure, fresh from his trip to Arkansas, talks about the evangelical movement in America and it’s increasing political power.

:00-3:00 Mark says hello and responds to an email

3:00-18:20 Michael Shure on the Christian right and political power

18:20-1:19:00 Guest Robin Keats on everything from the supernatural to Charles Manson

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TYT’s John Iadarola Back from the Arctic…and a Listener Proposes a Revolution to Education in America

John Iadarola from the TYT Network (the largest online news network in the world) returns from the Arctic and has a new documentary series chronicling his journey, TRUE NORTH.

John accompanies international climate scientists and shares their thoughts, research and conclusions.  There are also quite a few moments of experiencing local color, history and adventure.

John talks with Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein about the documentary series and about TYT.

First, Michael Shure joins Mark and discusses the sorry state of education with one of our listeners, Randy, who calls in and offers some innovative solutions.

00- 04:30 Mark Intros Show and responds to listener emails

04:30-29:45 Michael Shure and listener Randy on education in America and Trump

29:45-1:20:35 John Iadarola on the Arctic and TYT

Reach our show by leaving a comment or sending an email

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The Mouth That Roars on Talk Radio: John Kobylt

John Kobylt is the top rated, outspoken voice on KFI radio in Los Angeles.  He’s one half of the John and Ken Show and by anyone’s yardstick he’s the higher volume blast of the two.

He deplores political correctness and is irritated by any number of things that society and politics serves up on a regular basis.

Mark and John talk everything from entitlement programs to Trump to plastic straws.

The show begins with Michael Shure talking with Mark during THE FAST 15 and the two discuss the awkwardness and often the letdown of meeting your heroes/celebrities.  Michael also gives us a thought on the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

00-3:05 Mark welcomes and intros

3:05-17:30 Michael Shure and THE FAST 15

17:30- 1:16:15 John Kobylt

You can reach the show at

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Trump’s Fixer Gets Raided, The Bulletproof Sean Hannity, Also, Is Meeting with Russians Actually “Collusion”… Then, Our Guest, Sea Shepherd’s Heroic Captain on a 10 Year Hunt and Record-Breaking Pursuit of a Notorious Illegal Fishing Ship

Our guest, Captain Peter Hammarstedt, tells the story of finding the notorious poaching ship, The Thunder, in what is quite literally the middle of nowhere in he Southern Ocean and how once Sea Shepherd and the crew of The Bob Barker found The Thunder, a pursuit of record proportions began.

For 10 years the illegal fishing vessel, The Thunder, evaded capture and legal authorities.  Meantime, The Thunder and it’s crew laid waste to vast stretches of the oceans using drift nets that stretch hundreds of miles and they became among one of the worst offenders in the destruction of the oceans.

Captain Peter Hammarstedt followed in the footsteps of Sea Shepherd Captain and founder, Paul Watson and at age 29, Peter has developed a reputation for being passionate, skilled and doggedly determined.  He and his volunteer crew needed all those qualities to pursue THE THUNDER.

Captain Peter tells Mark and J.Elvis Weinstein what was involved in this potentially deadly cat and mouse game. The stakes were so high and the money involved so significant that it was not clear that Sea Shepherd’s crew wasn’t in mortal danger.

The Captain takes us through the whole harrowing story .

Sea Shepherd missions to stop illegal whaling, dolphin hunts and plundering of the world’s oceans never stop.

For more information on Peter and the Sea Shepherd mission to protect the oceans go to Sea Shepherd’s website:

Michael Shure kicks the show off with the FAST 15.  He talks with Mark about Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen and what might be in the piles of documents that came out of the raid on his office and home.

The two address former FBI head, James Comey’s book tour and what’s significant about it.  Should it change anything about the way we see Trump or Comey?


00-:03 Mark welcomes and intros

:03-:18 Michael Shure/politics THE FAST 15

:18-end Captain Peter Hammarsted

To reach the show email us at or leave a comment on our website.


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