Mormons and Movies at The Sundance Film Fest, The Politics of Gov’t Shut Down with Michael Shure and Leading Dietician, Julieanna Hever, Walks Us Through Plant Based Nutrition

Julieanna Hever is one of the leading experts on diet and lifestyle.

Her new book is Plant Based Nutrition.  It is a brilliant reference for those trying to segue to plant based eating, even just sampling that world or those who simply want a solid reference for any number of nutrition based questions.

In this episode:

Show open (:03)

(:03-:28) Michael Shure asks Mark about his film, THE GAME CHANGERS premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

The two also touch on Mormons in government and society and then it’s on to GOP vs Dems and the government shutdown winners and losers.

(:28) Julieanna Hever, dietician and lifestyle guru, provides a reference for everything from buying organic and how important it is, to “cleanses” and eating schedules.

Her latest book is, Plant Based Nutrition (you can get it here through this link). And her previous books you can also get through this link.

Julieanna’s website is

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