Kevin Pollak With a Kevin Spacey Story That’s Never Been Made Public and Golden Globe Nominated The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Kevin Pollak is a comedian, actor, director, writer and producer and has been part of some of the biggest film and television projects of the last 30 years.

(6 minutes in)  On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Kevin was a favorite of Johnny’s and he tells us how he never had to do a stand-up monologue on the show (a miraculous fact within the standup comedy world).  Pollak explains how he was able to go directly to panel on the legendary couch alongside Carson on his very first appearance because of a seat of the pants strategy that paid off. 

(37 minutes in) Kevin also tells a never before told story about actor Kevin Spacey.  

(54 minutes in) There is a story from the movie set of The Whole 9 Yards involving per diem payments and Michael Clarke Duncan that is a piece of insanity.

He also takes us inside the Golden Globe nominated and critically hailed series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in which Kevin is a series regular.

J.Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark for the conversation with Kevin Pollak.

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