JUMBO POLITICAL EPISODE! 20 year CNN Commentator Bill Schneider and His New Book: Standoff–Also, From Mystery Science Theater 3K, Comedian Frank Conniff, Plus, Political Guru, Michael Shure, on Supreme Court Vacancies, Mid-Terms and Trump

Bill Schneider discusses his new book, Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable ..

Bill was CNN’s senior political analyst for 20 years and his writings appear everywhere from the LA Times to the Atlantic, Politico and Reuters.

He teaches at UCLA and George Mason Univ.


Before Bill arrives, regular contributor, Michael Shure drills down during THE FAST 15 (politics and more) to discuss how we got to this stage of the Supreme Court.

Michael also punctures a bit of the progressive balloon about the mid-term primaries and defends the oft assailed, Nancy Pelosi as having one of the best 18 months in her political life.

Then, from Mystery Science Theater 3000, TV’s Frank, Frank Conniff joins J Elvis Weinstein and Mark Thompson.

Frank is a producer, writer and prolific comedian. Frank discusses life in NYC at Sirius Satellite Radio, his thoughts on MSNBC and FOX NEWS CHANNEL and then Frank stays on to speak with political analyst, Bill Schneider.

00-02:45 Mark welcome and summary of show

2:45-21:45 Michael Shure on politics and more

21:45-34:25 Frank Conniff and J.Elvis Weinstein

34:25-1:24:45 Political Analyst and Author, Bill Schneider

You can reach the show at edgewithmarkthompson@gmail.com




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