Into The Wild…Driving From L.A. to Alaska…and Coming Out: TYT’s Grace Baldridge

Grace Baldridge (29 minutes in) is the host of Pop Trigger on the TYT Network and hosts the show Murder with Friends (link below).

She tells Mark and J.Elvis Weinstein how she packs the car with her (at the time) girlfriend, Lizzy, and their dog and heads to Alaska on vacation.

On that trip Grace proposes to Lizzy.

She also shares her journey to realizing she is a lesbian and the moment more or less when she came to that conclusion.

The show starts with a message from Mark (first 5 mins) and then THE FAST 15 with political expert Michael Shure (runs until 29 min).

Mark blitzes Michael with movie quotes and then they get into politics.

Michael responds to the Oprah news and explains why he doesn’t like the idea of Oprah running for President should it happen.

He also talks about the vanishing movie theater experience. And Mark and Michael start and end the segment with identifying movie quotes.

Video of Grace’s Alaska trip:

Grace’s Show Murder with Friends:

Grace’s Fiancé’s Travel Blog :

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