Impeach Trump? One Expert Says, Forget It…Oh, and That Expert is Mark’s Dad

Sometimes an expert is in your own backyard.

Mark’s father is not only a constitutional lawyer but he’s written a book with an extensive legal analysis of past presidential impeachment proceedings and even the attempted impeachment proceedings to remove presidents.

But worried it was one of those shouting match shows on cable television, Mark’s father, Arnie, initially rejected our show’s invitation to join the show hosted by his own son!

After it was explained that we wanted a civilized conversation to address all the impeachment talk, Mark’s dad agreed to give us a bit of history and handicap the reality of any actions rising to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

The show starts with a a brief introduction and then The Fast 15 with Michael Shure talking politics, Russia and then making way for impeachment talk.

Comedians Laura House and J. Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson for the conversation with his father, Arnie.

Then they share facts about their own parents including one being eerily near JFK’s assassination and the other having tutored Bob Dylan.

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One comment to Impeach Trump? One Expert Says, Forget It…Oh, and That Expert is Mark’s Dad

  • Steve C.  says:

    Where can I buy books by Mark Thompson’s father? Excellent show about impeachment history.

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