If filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich were just a successful Hollywood director/writer and actor, it’d be impressive enough.  His list of accomplishments, published work as an author, hit films, and awards already make him worthy of considerable esteem.

But Peter Bogdanovich is clearly more than even that.  His stories reflect a rich life surrounded by creativity and the art of theater and filmmaking.  

And beyond that, he is a living link to a classic era in Hollywood.  An era of great filmmakers like John Ford, Howard Hawkes, Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock.  

As a young aspiring filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich in his 20s arriving in Hollywood Peter was befriended by all these men and Bogdanovich even goes on to make a documentary about John Ford and write books about Orson Welles.

He talks about his beginnings, working for Roger Corman and then vaulting to Hollywood household name status after he directs The Last Picture Show which he co-wrote with Larry McMurtry.

The film gets 8 Academy Award nominations wins two Academy Awards, the BAFTA award for best writing and on that film Peter Bogdanovich falls in love with a 21 year old Cybil Shepherd who he goes on to marry.  That creates personal complications for him at a time of great professional success and he discusses that.

On the professional side, from Steve McQueen to Barbara Streisand, much of Hollywood is wanting to work with him after The Last Picture Show.

He goes on to next direct What’s Up Doc? starring Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal. And the comedy is a smash hit.

He follows that with another smash hit called, Paper Moon, a depression era comedy starring Ryan and Tatum O’Neal.  Peter explains how and why Tatum was cast.  The 10 year old Tatum goes on to get the Oscar for her performance.

His relationship with the stunning leading ladies of two of his films captured headlines and created personal issues…marriages and divorces.

But the most tragic romantic involvement of Peter Bogdanovich’s life had to be with actress Dorothy Stratten.  After her brutal murder, Peter entered a dark period and withdrew from making movies for a time.  He discusses this along with his eventual marriage to Dorothy’s younger sister, Louise.

Peter talks about writing a book on Dorothy and the entire episode.

He also talks bout his recent work as a filmmaker and directing an award winning documentary on Tom Petty.

We wish Peter could have stayed longer with us.  It was a pleasure and an honor to have him in. 

Writer/comedian Laura House and documentary producer/director and comic J.Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson for this conversation with Peter Bogdanovich.

Here are links to Peter’s books and movies.


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    Wonderful interview of this great director.

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