Embedded in Trump Country Watching The State of The Union…Then: Dead people, Jerry Lewis and The Impossible Burger: Writer/Producer, Merrill Markoe    

Michael Shure returns from watching the State of the Union speech deep in Trump country.

In THE FAST 15, Michael answers the question: What would it take for Democrats to get political control in Congress again and how close are they?
Then, Mark discusses what’s happening to singer James Brown’s estate.   Brown wanted to support economically disadvantaged kids with millions of dollars but they may never get it.
That’s the first 20 minutes of the show when Mark Thompson speaks with Michael Shure.

Then: Dead people, Jerry Lewis and The Impossible Burger.  A chat with producer, writer, comedian, Merrill Markoe.  (24 mins into episode)
Former co-host, Heather Ankeny also makes an appearance to join Mark and J. Elvis Weinstein.
She’s back for this episode and updates us on her life as an engaged woman living in Northern California.
Then Merrill Markoe talks about dead people, entertainers and food.
You can reach the show by email:  edgewithmarkthompson@gmail.com

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