Crossing Paths With Neo-Nazis..Then A Hero to Animals Calls In From India

The show starts with Michael Shure and THE FAST 15. 

Michael is just back from a Richard Spencer speech/white supremacist rally and randomly met the Neo-Nazi principals in an attempted murder which would happen later in the day.

Mark and Michael also discuss the Gold Star family controversy.

Then, a call from India:

India’s wildlife is under severe threat – every animal from the majestic elephant and the tiger, to the shy sloth bear and rare pangolins, is under threat of extinction.

An organization called Wildlife SOS works around the clock to rescue, rehabilitate and defend wildlife and the environment and one of the founders of this amazing organization, Kartick Satanayaran, calls in to explain the innovative economic strategies being employed to save so many innocent creatures caught up in the greed of the animal economy.

Wildlife SOS runs one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Frequently, the workers at Wildlife SOS are threatened, attacked and sometimes kidnapped by poachers during their rescues.  Kartick walks us through one of the highest profile rescues the organization has made.

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