Classic Film, Politics and a Matthew Modine Connection? Co-Founder of Largest Online News Network in the World and TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz

Ben Mankiewicz is a founding member of the TYT Network (The Young Turks) which is the largest online news network in the world.

TYT, while having a progressive bent, is known to be brutal to BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

Ben hosts WHAT THE FLICK and appears across the TYT Network on different shows from sports to politics.

Ben’s role as a host of Turner Classic Movies has taken on a large part of his professional life.  Mark and Ben talk about how his relationship with Hollywood and it’s stars has evolved.

Mark and Ben talk classic movies, Sunset Blvd, Full Metal Jacket, Matthew Modine and Mel Brooks.

Then, the two discuss Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech and message.

You can reach the show by email:

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