Citizen Police Reform…and Urine Testing with Howie Mandel

Michael Wood Jr. says reforming the police force is simple.  Of course, his view of simple and yours might diverge.

Michael is part of a movement that is responding to a broken law enforcement model that has led to innocent civilian deaths and cops who are often afraid to patrol.

He walks us through his experience and perspective on how to bring on change.

More information on Michael Wood Jr.’s movement to reform policing:

J.Elvis Weinstein joins Mark Thompson for the conversation with Michael.

We start with THE FAST 15 during which Michael Shure spends the 15 minutes reflecting on OJ Simpson’s parole, Senator John McCain and getting a urine test for a new job.

That leads to urine test stories and questions.

Comedian/writer Laura House joins us for the very start of the show..We love Laura.

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