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Meet the Man Who Hunts the Hunters in Africa: Anti-Poaching Crusader, Damien Mander

When Damien Mander completed his service as a Special Operations diver and sniper, he looked for another chapter in his life, a way to make his life purposeful.

That search ended with a plan to help protect a part of the planet that he saw being destroyed by greed—poachers, looking to cash in by slaughtering the most endangered animals on earth–from rhinos to tigers.

Damien has built an army of WOMEN to help him.  He enlists women from the local community because he’s found them to be the best fighters and the most committed to the cause.  He discusses this all with Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein, who join Mark for the conversation with Damien.

To support Damien’s efforts to stop wildlife poaching, go to the  International Anti-Poaching Organization website:

The show begins with THE FAST 15 which is supplemented by a conversation Michael Shure and Mark have about guns, the NRA and America.

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Embedded in Trump Country Watching The State of The Union…Then: Dead people, Jerry Lewis and The Impossible Burger: Writer/Producer, Merrill Markoe    

Michael Shure returns from watching the State of the Union speech deep in Trump country.

In THE FAST 15, Michael answers the question: What would it take for Democrats to get political control in Congress again and how close are they?
Then, Mark discusses what’s happening to singer James Brown’s estate.   Brown wanted to support economically disadvantaged kids with millions of dollars but they may never get it.
That’s the first 20 minutes of the show when Mark Thompson speaks with Michael Shure.

Then: Dead people, Jerry Lewis and The Impossible Burger.  A chat with producer, writer, comedian, Merrill Markoe.  (24 mins into episode)
Former co-host, Heather Ankeny also makes an appearance to join Mark and J. Elvis Weinstein.
She’s back for this episode and updates us on her life as an engaged woman living in Northern California.
Then Merrill Markoe talks about dead people, entertainers and food.
You can reach the show by email:
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Classic Film, Politics and a Matthew Modine Connection? Co-Founder of Largest Online News Network in the World and TCM Host, Ben Mankiewicz

Ben Mankiewicz is a founding member of the TYT Network (The Young Turks) which is the largest online news network in the world.

TYT, while having a progressive bent, is known to be brutal to BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

Ben hosts WHAT THE FLICK and appears across the TYT Network on different shows from sports to politics.

Ben’s role as a host of Turner Classic Movies has taken on a large part of his professional life.  Mark and Ben talk about how his relationship with Hollywood and it’s stars has evolved.

Mark and Ben talk classic movies, Sunset Blvd, Full Metal Jacket, Matthew Modine and Mel Brooks.

Then, the two discuss Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech and message.

You can reach the show by email:

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Mormons and Movies at The Sundance Film Fest, The Politics of Gov’t Shut Down with Michael Shure and Leading Dietician, Julieanna Hever, Walks Us Through Plant Based Nutrition

Julieanna Hever is one of the leading experts on diet and lifestyle.

Her new book is Plant Based Nutrition.  It is a brilliant reference for those trying to segue to plant based eating, even just sampling that world or those who simply want a solid reference for any number of nutrition based questions.

In this episode:

Show open (:03)

(:03-:28) Michael Shure asks Mark about his film, THE GAME CHANGERS premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

The two also touch on Mormons in government and society and then it’s on to GOP vs Dems and the government shutdown winners and losers.

(:28) Julieanna Hever, dietician and lifestyle guru, provides a reference for everything from buying organic and how important it is, to “cleanses” and eating schedules.

Her latest book is, Plant Based Nutrition (you can get it here through this link). And her previous books you can also get through this link.

Julieanna’s website is

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Porn Star Payoffs, S-hole Countries, Immigration Policy and Distraction…Then, Jackson Galaxy, THE Cat Expert

Porn star payoffs and media smoke screens as the media obsesses on the word, “shithole” and ignore the real stories. 

Then the 2nd half of the show features cat expert, Jackson Galaxy.(23 minutes in)

Jackson Galaxy’s new book is Total Cat Mojo.  Which you can get on Amazon by clicking through the link on our website at

Jackson visits with Mark and comics J. Elvis Weinstein and Laura House who are not “cat people” while Mark, well, is.

Political analyst Michael Shure kicks off the show with THE FAST 15 (runs 22mins)

Mark and Michael play a movie related game and then get into what’s been happening in in America.

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