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Into The Wild…Driving From L.A. to Alaska…and Coming Out: TYT’s Grace Baldridge

Grace Baldridge (29 minutes in) is the host of Pop Trigger on the TYT Network and hosts the show Murder with Friends (link below).

She tells Mark and J.Elvis Weinstein how she packs the car with her (at the time) girlfriend, Lizzy, and their dog and heads to Alaska on vacation.

On that trip Grace proposes to Lizzy.

She also shares her journey to realizing she is a lesbian and the moment more or less when she came to that conclusion.

The show starts with a message from Mark (first 5 mins) and then THE FAST 15 with political expert Michael Shure (runs until 29 min).

Mark blitzes Michael with movie quotes and then they get into politics.

Michael responds to the Oprah news and explains why he doesn’t like the idea of Oprah running for President should it happen.

He also talks about the vanishing movie theater experience. And Mark and Michael start and end the segment with identifying movie quotes.

Video of Grace’s Alaska trip:

Grace’s Show Murder with Friends:

Grace’s Fiancé’s Travel Blog :

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Year End Show! Molly Bloom from Molly’s Game..Also Celebrity Real Estate and the Year’s Best Movies from our Critic

Molly Bloom, whose movie, Molly’s Game, chronicles her story of high stakes poker and being busted by the Feds.
She speaks with Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J Elvis Weinstein about her story.
She talks about Tobey Maguire and the way he sought an edge as part of every transaction involving the game and she tells us about the Russian mob and their efforts to infiltrate the game.  Finally, Molly describes federal agents storming into her home and arresting her and then her day in court.
The show starts with political analyst Michael Shure. Mark and Michael argue about gratuities and the best way to leave a tip. Then, Mark and Michael profile celebrity high end real estate and Michael updates the Trump presidency at the end of the year.
Finally, one of the top film and pop culture critics in the world, Michael Snyder, shares his picks for the best films of the year.
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It’s our Super Sized Holiday Episode! Oscar Nominated Jennifer Tilly Brings a Bottle of Wine..Let the Games Begin

Oscar nominated actress, Jennifer Tilly, is a favorite.  She always brings honesty and fun.

This time she brings a bottle of win too and the magic gets started right away.

It’s an almost 2 hour visit with Jennifer.

The show starts with politics and more with Michael Shure: THE FAST 15.

Michael discusses the tax bill, the new senate seat, the death of net neutrality and the sliding scale of sexual harassment.

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Kevin Pollak With a Kevin Spacey Story That’s Never Been Made Public and Golden Globe Nominated The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Kevin Pollak is a comedian, actor, director, writer and producer and has been part of some of the biggest film and television projects of the last 30 years.

(6 minutes in)  On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Kevin was a favorite of Johnny’s and he tells us how he never had to do a stand-up monologue on the show (a miraculous fact within the standup comedy world).  Pollak explains how he was able to go directly to panel on the legendary couch alongside Carson on his very first appearance because of a seat of the pants strategy that paid off. 

(37 minutes in) Kevin also tells a never before told story about actor Kevin Spacey.  

(54 minutes in) There is a story from the movie set of The Whole 9 Yards involving per diem payments and Michael Clarke Duncan that is a piece of insanity.

He also takes us inside the Golden Globe nominated and critically hailed series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in which Kevin is a series regular.

J.Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark for the conversation with Kevin Pollak.

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Larry Merchant has spent his professional life writing, commenting and analyzing some of the biggest events in sports.

The world of boxing made Larry Merchant a household name for the way in which his fight analysis pulled no punches (pun sorta’ intended) and neither did his post-fight interviews.

Larry joins at 0:17 into the show.

Mark Thompson, J.Elvis Weinstein and Lisa Foxx ask Larry about his life around the ring and about his controversial interview with Floyd Mayweather.

Larry talks about Ali, Foreman, Frazier and a history around the sport.

Mark asks point blank whether Larry thinks boxing is, at times, fixed.

The show starts with THE FAST 15 with Michael Shure.

Mark talks with Michael about the acquisition of Time Inc by a company controlled by the billionaire Koch brothers.  The two also discuss Al Franken and Roy Moore and the way Congress handles matters of sexual harassment.

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