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It’s The Economy, Stupid! Finally, A Noted Economist Visits the Show

Tyler Cowen is a noted economist and professor at George Mason University in Washington.  He has published many books on economics and our culture.

His latest is:

The Complacent Class: The Self Defeating Quest for the American Dream 

His book breaks down this moment in time in economic terms.

We are not as inventive, entrepreneurial, versatile, daring or even productive as past generations.  But within this cultural and economic moment in time there ARE members of society who take chances and make positive economic change happen.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson for this conversation.

You can buy Tyler Cowen’s books by clicking here.

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Comey’s Out, Russians and Chinese are In…Plus the Craziness of Josh Robert Thompson

It’s been an eventful period in Washington. Because of that Michael Shure and Mark have a lot to chew on to start the show during THE FAST 15

Then the master of voices and madness, Josh Robert Thompson, explains his new dominance on Facebook Live.  Josh has turned that platform into a moneymaker and he’s done it quickly.

That doesn’t stop him from making fun of some of his viewers but they seem to like being the butt of the joke.

JRThompson also recounts a bit of his old world with Craig Ferguson as the voice of Geoff the Robot and the other characters on the show.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark Thompson

Editors note: Since this conversation, Josh has actually moved onto the Youtube Live platform.

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Are We Backing Into War? Hardcore History Meets The Edge

One of Mark’s favorite podcast hosts is Dan Carlin who does a show called Hardcore History.

Mark pumps him for some historical perspective on what’s happening today.

Is the USA a Fading Empire?  How Close Are We to War? How will this moment in time be seen in the view of history?

Dan is a clear mind with a keen historical vision.

We start with THE FAST 15: Michael Shure who is, oddly perhaps, a fan of how United Airlines handled their PR mess after they threw a passenger off one of their flights.

The two also talk Instagram, High Tech Casino Gaming and Famous Amos cookies.

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Why Would Anyone Leave a Successful Career in Law to Become an Uber Driver?

We start this episode with a quick Earth Day message from Mark.

Then, Michael Shure shares the political truth about the “flip the 6th” race in Ga.

Plus, he and Mark talk about fishing, whale watching and more.

Heather and Josh then join.

First they beat up on Mark for Steve Martin retweeting him.  Then the crew meets an Uber driver who, months before starting his Uber driving, was a successful lawyer.

Why would anyone give up an accomplished legal practice to move to Vegas and drive for Uber?  He explains.

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Jimmy Dore was never on board with Hillary. So is he happy now?

Jimmy Dore is back and he wants to burn down the whole Democratic party.  A party that he feels has let down the working class it claims to represent.

Jimmy never supported the corporatist (as Jimmy puts it) that is Hillary Clinton so Mark asks him if he’s happy with the way things have turned out.

Also,  Michael Shure stops in with THE FAST 15, we read a negative e-mail, talk Sean Spicer, cellphone fingerprint technology that apparently isn’t secure & Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist and columnist, David Horsey, visits too.

Link to David Horsey columns:

Link to Jimmy Dore:


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