The Wild, Wonderful Life of Andy Dick

andy dick

He’s one of the more entertaining and honest figures in all of television, film, music and even Periscope.

Regardless of the medium Andy has enjoyed great popularity


His stints in various rehabs never really “took” but he talks about his latest experience in a different way.  One that he seems to be happy with.

J.Elvis Weinstein and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson for Andy’s visit.

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Escaped Drug Lord El Chapo Calls With Life Advice

el chapo

From the mind and mouth of our friend, Josh Robert Thompson. Check out his work and current projects at

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The Real Life FOXCATCHER Story

schultz brothers

What’s it like to have your life turned into a movie?

The film FOXCATCHER is based on Mark Schultz’s life story and he says it’s not exactly what he’d expected.

Together with his brother Dave, Mark Shultz built an unprecedented wrestling record.

The Schultz brothers won more NCAA, US Open, World, and Olympic titles than any American brother combination in wrestling history.

In fact, Mark and Dave are the only two brothers ever to both win an Olympic and a World gold medal.

FOXCATCHER was the name given to the wrestling compound that the paranoic, uber-wealthy John DuPont created to “coach” wrestlers although DuPont knew NOTHING about wrestling.

Mark Schultz’s brother Dave was ultimately murdered by DuPont and the depiction of that murder in the film is eerily accurate.

What else is true and what was altered for the film?

Mark Schultz tells his story to Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein on THE EDGE.

Here is a link to the website Mark Schultz talks about during the conversation.

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If you watch TV, go to the movies or see commercials anywhere in the world, you have likely heard the voice of Josh Robert Thompson.  You may even have heard him as the voice of some very famous people.

Josh uncorks Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, his fundamentalist preacher and more.

Our own J. Elvis Weinstein was the original voice of Servo the robot on Mystery Science Theater, and Josh Robert Thompson was the voice of Geoff the robot on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Now these two great robot voices meet on The Edge.

Check out more of Josh  Robert Thompson here!

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Something Odd About This Call with Arnold Schwarzenegger


There’s something odd about this call…

Warning for language–

Mark Thompson speaks with and about The Terminator on THE EDGE.

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Jackie Collins Visits The Edge and Dishes About Everything

jackie collins

While most of Hollywood comes and goes, Jackie Collins flourishes.

Having had 29 New York Times best sellers and countless movies and television series come from her writings, Jackie Collins knows how to spin a yarn…a true Hollywood insider who has stood the test of time.

Jackie talks to the crew about her new novel, THE SANTANGELOS and she also dishes with the crew of THE EDGE (Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein) about celebrities, royalty and what it takes to write some of the hottest best sellers in history.

Jackie’s latest book is available here and her website is



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It’s Fritz


Comic/Weather Guy Fritz Coleman

FRITZ COLEMAN is here and we talk about almost everything EXCEPT weather.

Fritz has become a local news institution in L.A. as the weather guy on KNBC-TV.

All the while, he’s been a writer and comedian who has opened for top performers and and has been a regular at clubs nationwide.

Fritz shares stories and reflections on Ray Charles, James Brown, Johnny Carson and David Letterman.

Before Fritz arrives the crew talks the death of U2’s manager and gets an update on Heather’s fiancé prisoner, his upcoming freedom and his birthday gift to Heather which was a portrait painting of her.

Plus, an update on J. Elvis Weinstein’s documentaries, one of which is making into the festival circuit.

Hang out for the conversation!

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Aron Ralston’s harrowing experience trapped under an 800 lb. boulder in Utah was portrayed by James Franco in the film directed by Danny Boyle, 127 Hours.  The movie was nominated for 6 Academy Awards. 

That the real Aron Ralston survived amputating his own arm with a crude cutting tool is remarkable in itself but to think there are other rich details, involving his mother’s role in miraculously locating him and the kind of unmitigated luck that prevailed to help him survive, that had to be left out of the film brings the discussion to another place.

Ralston talks with Mark and Heather about what actually happened and what it’s like to have your own near death story told on screen.  

How did they decide on James Franco?   Who else was being considered?  How involved was Aron with the creative aspects of the film?

Aron is a lot of fun and he discusses it all with Heather and Mark.

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Fat to Fit: The Bizarre, Remarkable Life of Rich Roll

rich roll

Fat to Fit: The Bizarre, Remarkable Life of Rich Roll– One of the Fittest Men in the World

Rich Roll had the American dream.  Still he found himself overweight, hooked on alcohol and unable to perform simple physical tasks  without being winded.

Rich resolved to make a change.

His transformation has been so amazing that Rich has gone from huffing and puffing as he climbed stairs to being named as one of the fittest men in the world.

In May 2010, he tackled an unprecedented feat of insane endurance, THE EPIC 5 CHALLENGE – completing ironman-distance triathlons on 5 islands of Hawaii in under a week.

Rich Roll also has a podcast which is wildly popular and Mark is a fan.

Here on our podcast, Rich discusses his life turnaround, some tips for all of us who want to consider even modest changes in our life routines and his new book:

The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family

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Set Sail for Love With Expert Advice

love advice

Set sail for LOVE—It’s our dating and romance show.

We speak with two dating experts who help navigate the often tricky and scary romantic waters of a first date, attraction and online meet ups.

Dating after a divorce and how to meet people when you are afraid of rejection..

Miss Solomon is in the dating advice biz and regularly offers up practical and easy techniques for the dating world through website And details some of what she talks about on the show on her site.

Suzie A. also joins the discussion with additional thoughts and advice which she regularly shares on her website

Mark Thompson is joined by Heather Ankeny

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