Heather’s Last Show…She’s Marrying The Convict

Heather is moving away and starting a new life with her fresh out of prison fiancé.  This is her last episode.

For 4 years Heather Ankeny has been a fixture with Mark on THE EDGE.   Now she’s here for her last episode in the co-host chair.  

She is moving to Northern California and moving in with her fiancé who is the prisoner/inmate that the crew has made fun of all this time.



Guests have tried to figure out what her “prisoner boyfriend” had done to end up behind bars.  We replay some clips of those conversations.

Ultimately though, the main event is Heather’s “prisoner boyfriend” now fiancé calling in and giving us a sense of his life of incarceration and his new life as a free man.

THE FAST 15 … Politics and more with Michael Shure.  In this episode, Michael reviews the GOP Healthcare bill that’s just suffered another setback.  Then Mark focuses Michael’s attention on Puerto Rico rebuilding, the continent of Africa and notable deaths: Jake LaMotta, the man who created a standard for anesthesia and the richest woman in the world.

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Comedy Ninja– From Parks and Rec, The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond and More: Producer/Writer: Mike Scully

Comedy Producer and Writer, Mike Scully, has created a ton of TV comedy.

He’s jumped in to run some of the biggest sitcoms in television history and taken them to new levels.

Mike has produced the Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, Parks and Rec and most recently, The Carmichael Show.

We talk about how he got started and how he got over being intimidated in one of the most formidable of writers’ rooms at The Simpsons.

Mike takes us into his world, including his view of the future of television comedy (with the arrival of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) and the growing streaming empire.

Mark talks about where Mike and he first met and seems surprised that Mike even remembers it.

Surprise moment is when J.Elvis Weinstein gets some love from Mike after Scully realizes who he is.

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Deep Sea Treasure Hunting with the Legendary Cousteau Family ALSO Harvey Flooding and Rewriting Columbus History

The show kicks off with THE FAST 15 (in this case, about 22 mins) with Michael Shure talking politics from Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, the failure of the EPA to get help to flooded superfund sites to Mark and Michael talking about the effort to get rid of the “Columbus” in Columbus Day and then a Russia investigation update.

The two talk about a piece of video of a Houston man playing the piano during the flood and there’s a link to it below.

The Cousteau’s talk about their latest adventure which is all about finding treasure on the ocean floor.

Mark asks about what it was like growing up “a Cousteau” and we find out about some accomplishments that Jacques Cousteau was involved in beyond bringing the ocean to our living rooms.

Here’s a link to the Cousteau show, CARIBBEAN PIRATE TREASURE.

Here’s the video of the flooded Houston home where the man is playing his piano in waste deep water.


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Trump’s First Pardon.. Then, From Seinfeld to Johnny Carson, A Most Unusual Show Business Journey with Comedian Bruce Smirnoff

Michael Shure joins by phone with The Fast 15, covering the Trump pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon and the promise of lower prices and Mark and Michael touch on deadly hurricane, Harvey (First 18 mins)

Then, comedian Bruce Smirnoff talks us through a few of the stops on his unusual journey through a show business career that has brought him in contact with some of the biggest names in classic modern comedy and television.

Here’s a link to the Bruce Smirnoff Facebook page

http://page https://www.facebook.com/bruce.smirnoff.3

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Bannon Gets Jerked & Secrets of The Jerk (movie) from Steve Martin’s Co-Writer

The show begins with THE FAST 15 (politics and more) with regular contributor, Michael Shure. Mark and Michael talk Steve Bannon leaving the White House team.

Then, the two talk Charlottesville, Nazis, Alt-Right and Civil War statues.  Finally, a mention of THE ECLIPSE (Mark is going to Kansas City to see it).

Then, Glen Campbell memories from, Carl Gottlieb, a comedy writer on Glen’s first prime time show…AND Carl answers some questions the group has about writing THE JERK which Carl did in collaboration with Steve Martin.

Then, our new pal, Adam, is on his way to getting a liver transplant. Mark, Laura House and J.Elvis Weinstein talk with Adam.

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