Kevin Pollak With a Kevin Spacey Story That’s Never Been Made Public and Golden Globe Nominated The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Kevin Pollak is a comedian, actor, director, writer and producer and has been part of some of the biggest film and television projects of the last 30 years.

(6 minutes in)  On The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Kevin was a favorite of Johnny’s and he tells us how he never had to do a stand-up monologue on the show (a miraculous fact within the standup comedy world).  Pollak explains how he was able to go directly to panel on the legendary couch alongside Carson on his very first appearance because of a seat of the pants strategy that paid off. 

(37 minutes in) Kevin also tells a never before told story about actor Kevin Spacey.  

(54 minutes in) There is a story from the movie set of The Whole 9 Yards involving per diem payments and Michael Clarke Duncan that is a piece of insanity.

He also takes us inside the Golden Globe nominated and critically hailed series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in which Kevin is a series regular.

J.Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark for the conversation with Kevin Pollak.

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Larry Merchant has spent his professional life writing, commenting and analyzing some of the biggest events in sports.

The world of boxing made Larry Merchant a household name for the way in which his fight analysis pulled no punches (pun sorta’ intended) and neither did his post-fight interviews.

Larry joins at 0:17 into the show.

Mark Thompson, J.Elvis Weinstein and Lisa Foxx ask Larry about his life around the ring and about his controversial interview with Floyd Mayweather.

Larry talks about Ali, Foreman, Frazier and a history around the sport.

Mark asks point blank whether Larry thinks boxing is, at times, fixed.

The show starts with THE FAST 15 with Michael Shure.

Mark talks with Michael about the acquisition of Time Inc by a company controlled by the billionaire Koch brothers.  The two also discuss Al Franken and Roy Moore and the way Congress handles matters of sexual harassment.

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Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein and More from Entertainment Journalist Sam Rubin…Then, Annual Holiday Visit From Pit Bull of Comedy, Bobby Slayton

Entertainment journalist, Sam Rubin has connections that run deep in both Hollywood and in the TV news business out of New York.

With the news about Charlie Rose and his firing from CBS, Sam comes in and breaks down what is going on and the likely repercussions.

Half way through the conversation, a HUGE bombshell is dropped about a key Hollywood figure and the loss of his job.

Then, our annual visit around the holidays from THE PITBULL OF COMEDY, BOBBY SLAYTON.

Bobby reminds Mark of his Woody Allen dinner and gives Mark a hard time about being a vegan.

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Our guest, Chuck Negron, is one of the founding members of THREE DOG NIGHT, one of the most successful bands in history.
He’s responsible along with the two other band members for a string of hits that dominated the charts from 1968 through 1975.
His voice has insane range (over four octaves).  And fronting the band led Chuck to enjoy the world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with unbridled success.
But while Chuck was enjoying a decadent life, ultimately it brought him down. He discusses with Mark and comedian Laura House both his rise and fall and rebirth.
Chuck’s book THREE DOG NIGHTMARE (available on his website ) chronicles all of this.
The show starts with Mark saying hello and updating the news…(1st 5 minutes)
THE FAST 15:  Michael Shure joins Mark to discuss politics and more. (runs until :29)
Mark and Michael do the sexual harassment/misconduct roundup, check in on the state of the GOP tax bill and on plans to lift the ban on trophy hunters bringing parts of creatures they’ve killed back to U.S.
They tell the story of the most expensive painting ever purchased– and it’s flawed! ( 25 mins).  The two discuss the DaVinci that was just sold, who owned it before and how the bidding got so high.
Finally, an honest and entertaining conversation with one of the founders of the legendary band, THREE DOG NIGHT, Chuck Negron.

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Half Persian, Half Black and All Funny: Comedian Tehran

Yes, Tehran is his real name and the crew talks romantic infidelity, the science of cool and, among other things, Mark asks him about who has a tougher time in the USA right now, Muslims or blacks.


Mark Thompson is joined by Lisa Foxx for the conversation with Tehran. (00:25)

The show starts with THE FAST 15.  Political analyst and correspondent, Michael Shure talks about the latest mass shooting (Texas), the election, the wealthiest and where they hide money around the world and the Saudi lock up at the Ritz-Carlton.



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