The Mouth That Roars: Talk Host John Kobylt

John Kobylt

If you live on the west coast you may be aware of the dominance of The John and Ken Show.  

The show is on KFI radio and is top rated on the most listened to talk station in America.

It’s known for being a nasty spot to end up if you are a politician and the guy with the nastiest bite in the John and Ken duo is our guest, John Kobylt.  

John describes his background and ascent through the ranks of sports journalism to radio dominance.

Mark Thompson is joined by political reporter, analyst and regular contributor Michael Shure for the conversation with John.

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The Master Of Trends Analysis Talks About What to Expect


As we finish the year there are titanic changes in the U.S. for the year ahead and beyond.

On this show we ask INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR and TRENDS ANALYST, Gerald Celente, to put it all in perspective.

Gerald is OPTIMISTIC about the effect DONALD TRUMP and his administration may have on the economy.

On other issues besides the economy, the picture is bit less clear.

You can get more information on Gerald Celente here:

Before Gerald Celente, Mark Thompson welcomes Michael Shure with THE FAST 15. They discuss jailing people in India for not honoring the national anthem by standing. Then Mark and Michael discuss marijuana legalization and it’s positive and negatives.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh accompanies Mark for the conversation with Gerald Celente)

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Over 20 Years in Prison For a Murder He Never Committed–Finally Exonerated


This episode starts with J. Elvis Weinstein having just wrapped up serving as foreman of the jury on a murder trial.   He’ll review the facts and what happened in that deliberation room.

Then, Tim Atkins joins us.  Tim was wrongly accused and convicted of robbery and murder and ended up in prison for 23 years before he was exonerated.

What’s it like in prison?  What’s it like to be there as an innocent man?  How does he survive?

What’s the future hold for Tim Atkins and is the state of California ever going to compensate him for the mistaken imprisonment?

Mark Thompson is joined by J. Elvis Weinstein and Heather Ankeny

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Santa Brings Us The Pitbull of Comedy: Bobby Slayton



Bobby Slayton has had a rough year, with the death of his wife of 30 years.

What’s happened since?  Bobby fills us in on his new girlfriend who he met–at a funeral.

Then it’s dinners with Woody Allen and more.

Josh Weinstein (J Elvis Weinsten) and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson

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What do Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Ke$ha & Selena Gomez have in common? They are just a few of the artists who have in common our guest, Aaron Bay-Schuck.

Aaron is the President of A & R at Interscope Records and has signed and developed some of the biggest names in music.  He’s been a co-writer on some of the biggest hits of the last five years.

The crew discusses how Aaron found Bruno Mars and what goes into building the careers and the creative expressions of so many of our favorite artists.  

Also, how is the music industry changing?

Aaron grew up as the son of actor John Schuck and actress Susan Bay.  Bay then remarried Leonard Nimoy.  As the step-son of Leonard Nimoy, Aaron talks about his step-dad and the family since Nimoy’s passing.

It’s a show about music, creativity and a ride through what happens in the new world of the music business.

The show starts with THE FAST 15: Political reporter and analyst Michael Shure owns the fact that he may be wrong about THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE and not just because of the election result.

Heather Ankeny joins Mark Thompson for the conversation with AARON BAY-SCHUCK

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