She is one of the most prolific music makers in pop music history.

She drops in for a conversation about music, creative process working with Prince, performing the theme to a James Bond film and now, raising a family.
For Southern California listeners, Sheena is performing on Sunday, August 21st in a special show that the crew talks about: GET TICKETS HERE
Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson
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wang chung


The guy from Wang Chung…

Jack Hues created some of the biggest songs of the decade: DANCE HALL DAYS, EVERYBODY HAVE FUN and TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. to name just three.

 Jack joins us from England and talks about riding the 80s wave of Wang Chung and about his new project. 

 Mark Thompson and J. Elvis Weinstein ask about how it was then, how Wang Chung ended up scoring the film To Live and Die in L.A. and how Jack’s latest project has come together.

Click here to get Jack Hues’ new stuff with the quartet

And here’s a link to his classic music 


BUT BEFORE JACK HUES ON THE SHOW: A quick shot of politics with our correspondent Michael Shure…

Then Jack from Wang Chung ..

Finally Mark invites his sister into the studio during her recovery to tell her story of being pulled from a burning car right before it exploded in pieces.

J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) joins Mark Thompson

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Gladiator, Pirates of The Caribbean and X-Men all share one thing, the music of KLAUS BADELT.

Klaus has worked with the best directors in the business from Ridley and Tony Scott and Kathryn Bigelow to Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn and John Woo.

Klaus was asked by the Chinese Olympic Committee to compose the music for the closing ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He tells us about the wild, unorthodox process that led up to that event.

We’ve included only a sliver of Klaus’ music.

A more complete sample is available through Klaus’ website:

Heather Ankeny joins Mark Thompson

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Michael Shure and Jimmy Dore

Fresh off covering both American political conventions, Michael Shure stops by with a jumbo blast of insider political analysis and stories from the road.

(But the show begins with a digression about the product BREATH ASSURE)


Jimmy Dore (who also has just returned from both conventions) lights up the Democrats for ignoring the potential of Bernie Sanders, and laments the loss of liberalism in a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

Then he blasts the media for normalizing everything from Donald Trump

For all the places you can find Jimmy Dore go to

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Reality TV Giant, Plus..Heather Gets a TV Show & Mark Officiates a Wedding


Heather gets a TV show and she gets trolled on Instagram.

J. Elvis Weinstein has lunch with a crime reporter.

Mark officiates at the wedding of Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz and The New York Times gets a key detail about the whole thing wrong.

Then it’s fun stories from REALITY TELEVISION with a REALITY TV PRODUCING KING, Cris Abrego.

Cris is recognized globally as pioneering a new genre of unscripted programming with the breakout celebreality series The Surreal Life and Flavor of Love and for riding herd over the mega-hits BIG BROTHER, BIGGEST LOSER, MASTER CHEF and more.

He is co-CEO of Endemol Shine North America and has great stories from the beginnings of reality TV during his days on MTV’S ROAD RULES and THE REAL WORLD.

Cris Abrego’s rise from the working class LA suburb of El Monte, California to become prominent in the television industry is nothing short of amazing.

In his book MAKE IT REALITY, Cris offers up lessons he learned from almost twenty years in Television—How to visualize your goals and attain them, dealing with risks and having no limits on what can be achieved.

Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J.Elvis Weinstein join in for the entire episode

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