Vegas mobster, Frank Cullotta, is out of witness relocation and now telling stories of his days in the Vegas mafia.

Culotta arrived in Vegas from Chicago as an underboss to Chicago boss, Tony Spilotro and explains the mob role in an expanding Las Vegas.

Gambling, “skimming” and killing.. Murder, enforcement for the mob and high end burglary (he ran a robbery crew called the Hole In The Wall Gang) is what Frank’s life was about during his mob years.

Frank was also the technical consultant on the movie CASINO.  He sat alongside Martin Scorsese for the shooting of the film.

Before Frank, Michael Shure joins Mark to shed light on the new Supreme Court appointment.

The appointment comes from a list prepared by a conservative think tank and the leading advisor to Trump, Leonard Leo, is someone with a tie to a secret society called the Knights of Malta.

The two talk about the Thai cave rescue.

This is a shorter than normal episode so you’ll be done in a little over a half hour! Enjoy!

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JUMBO POLITICAL EPISODE! 20 year CNN Commentator Bill Schneider and His New Book: Standoff–Also, From Mystery Science Theater 3K, Comedian Frank Conniff, Plus, Political Guru, Michael Shure, on Supreme Court Vacancies, Mid-Terms and Trump

Bill Schneider discusses his new book, Standoff: How America Became Ungovernable ..

Bill was CNN’s senior political analyst for 20 years and his writings appear everywhere from the LA Times to the Atlantic, Politico and Reuters.

He teaches at UCLA and George Mason Univ.


Before Bill arrives, regular contributor, Michael Shure drills down during THE FAST 15 (politics and more) to discuss how we got to this stage of the Supreme Court.

Michael also punctures a bit of the progressive balloon about the mid-term primaries and defends the oft assailed, Nancy Pelosi as having one of the best 18 months in her political life.

Then, from Mystery Science Theater 3000, TV’s Frank, Frank Conniff joins J Elvis Weinstein and Mark Thompson.

Frank is a producer, writer and prolific comedian. Frank discusses life in NYC at Sirius Satellite Radio, his thoughts on MSNBC and FOX NEWS CHANNEL and then Frank stays on to speak with political analyst, Bill Schneider.

00-02:45 Mark welcome and summary of show

2:45-21:45 Michael Shure on politics and more

21:45-34:25 Frank Conniff and J.Elvis Weinstein

34:25-1:24:45 Political Analyst and Author, Bill Schneider

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Comedian Jake Johanssen…Also, a Surprise Meeting with The Stanley Cup…Crisis At The Border…Plus, A Question About Animal Trophy Hunting

Comedian Jake Johanssen is finishing up an international tour with Russell Peters.  He talks about touring with that show and traveling around the world on what can be a brutal performance schedule.

J. Elvis Weinstein joins and the two talk about audiences and politics and what it takes to be a successful comic today.

Jake tells a story about how the talent coordinator for THE TONIGHT SHOW with JOHNNY CARSON thought Jake’s style might be interpreted by Johnny as nervousness and it delayed his booking on that show.

Jake and Mark go back to the 80s and Mark’s a big fan of Jake’s work but this is Jake’s first appearance on the show.

Jake has a podcast called JAKE THIS.

J.Elvis Weinstein’s podcast with Andy Kindler is called THOUGHT SPIRAL.

We start the show with political analyst and hockey fanatic, Michael Shure, running into The Stanley Cup.

Michael also discusses the crisis on the southern border and asks Mark a question about trophy hunting.

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00:00-2:10 Mark welcomes us

2:10- 21:25 Michael Shure on Stanley Cup, Southern Border Drama

21:25-1:38:00 Jake Johanssen

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Pardon Me: The New Trump “Obsession” …Then, Writing JAWS and THE JERK, Screenwriter Carl Gottleib

Carl Gottlieb is famous for having helped bring the film, Jaws, to the screen.

Carl also collaborated with Steve Martin on THE JERK having met Martin while they were both writers on THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS SHOW.

Carl takes Mark Thompson and J.Elvis Weinstein through the process of getting those movies completed.

He also visits the film CAVEMAN (starring Ringo Starr) which Carl wrote and directed.

J Elvis asks about Carl’s participation in the legendary comedy group, THE COMMITTEE and about the emerging S.F. comedy scene of the 60s.

Before Carl Gottlieb, Michael Shure stops by with THE FAST 15: Politics and More.

Michael talks with Mark about the President’s obsession with using pardon power and whether Presidents should have that power at all.

Also, champion teams deciding whether or not to visit the White House..The Supreme Court decision on employees rights to sue.  Then, finally, Miss America says goodbye to swimwear.

You can purchase any of the Carl Gottlieb books by clicking this link. 

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00-3:00  Intro

3:00-18:00 Michael Shure on Politics

18:00-1:50:00  Carl Gottlieb on Movies, Music and 60s/70s Culture

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Roseanne Gets “Erased” –Sam Rubin comments…Then Our Resident Gamblers, Michael Shure and Mark Thompson, Don’t Support The Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Sports Gambling

It was an epic week for the most powerful star on television.  In one instant Roseanne Barr destroyed her current show, past show and her standing in show business along with the livelihoods of scores of staffers.

Award winning entertainment journalist, Sam Rubin, from the #1 morning news show in L.A., talks about Roseanne’s epic fall.

Then, Michael Shure had a prediction that looks increasingly accurate.

Plus, Mark and Michael weigh in on the Supreme Court decisions that will legalize sports gambling by state (neither supports it) and a crucial decision against workers’ rights to organize.

:00 -:05   Mark with opening remarks

:05-20:40 Sam Rubin joins Mark to talk Roseanne

20:40-48:00  Michael Shure joins Mark Trump-Broidy prediction, legalizing sports wagering and more.

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