Remembering “Doc” Paskowitz

4Doc Paskowitz led the family that’s been called the First Family of Surfing…featured in Vanity Fair and publications worldwide. Tommy Hilfiger named a line of beachwear after them, saying “there’s no one more cool and credible than the Paskowitzes.” Sal Paskowitz joins us to remember the leader of that family, his father, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz who has just died.
2Sal talks about his father who threw away a lucrative medical practice, packed his wife and nine children into a van and took them on a continuing surfing odyssey.
While there may be people who drop out of mainstream society and take their family traveling to surf, Doc Paskowitz is the only one who did it his entire life.  Sal remembers his father’s  life which included working as a doctor in far flung locations and then quickly returning to the best waves whenever he could.
Doc pioneered the surfer life founding surf camps around the world  (he is credited with bringing surfing to Israel and donating surf boards to Palestinians as recently as 2007—feeling passionately that surfing could help bridge the gaps between people). Growing up in a small van with 11 people presented huge challenges for the family of course and Sal talks about some of those.
Salvador Paskowitz joins us to talk about his remarkable father just a few weeks after his father’s death.
There are clips in the show from the movie Surfwise available at
Sal joins Heather and Mark in this episode.
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esther the wonder pig
Esther the Wonder Pig  has a rock star following on Instagram and Facebook and has changed the way the people she lives with look at life.

Listen to the story of how this formerly little pig made it’s way into the lives of the people she lives with and into the hearts of people around the world. Meet Esther the Wonder Pig.

Mark Thompson and Heather Ankeny talk to Esther’s adopted family.


Mark and Heather look at the NY Times front page piece on a harrowing research facility that is funded with tax payer dollars and is trying to build the more “perfect beast” at a horrible price.

And Heather and Mark close out with talk of The Bachelor.

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aaron cohen

Aaron Cohen, with a background in the Israeli Defense Force in anti-terrorism, hostage rescue and security, has returned to the U.S. and applied those skills here.

He talks about anti-terrorism policy in the U.S. and launching security details in the homes of Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt.

Josh Weinstein joins Mark.

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Exec Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond is adapting the show in India…

Long time Executive Producer of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, Steve Skrovan has just returned from India where they are launching an Indian version of the show.

He shares stories from the road and Mark asks him about a few favorite Raymond episodes.

Heather updates Steve on her prisoner boyfriend.

Be sure to check out An Unreasonable Man, and please visit to learn more about Public Citizen.


The daily life in India


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From Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars to fighting for the planet with Pharrell: Captain Paul Watson

paul watson

He co-founded Greenpeace and has been a champion for the earth…

After being the youngest co-founder of Greenpeace, Captain Paul Watson started Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as a hands on way to protect the world’s oceans.

The captain takes us through the world of the conservation movement, reviews some of his experiences and why he became disillusioned with some of the work being done.

Watson shares the dirty secrets of some of the huge bigger charities-turned-eco-corporations.

He talks about sinking half Iceland’s whaling fleet and Mark asks him why he recently had to stay at sea for 15 months to avoid extradition and how that has ultimately played out.

Finally, Captain Paul talks about his latest project to remove some of the plastic that ends up in the ocean and it’s a project with a new partner, Pharrell Williams.

Emmy winning comedy writer David Feldman joins (after arriving late–we left his arrival conversation in the show).

Heather Ankeny joins Mark as always.

One note: because this is our first Skype interview we apologize for the occasional Skype alerts/sounds.  Although we tried to minimize them, some still got through.  In future this will not be an issue!

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Dr. Lawrence Santora is a distiguished cardiologist who has been on the cutting edge of research and authored books.

But when his wife was diagnosed with cancer and physically dessimated by chemo he became desperate to help her.

With her condition continuing to deteriorate they sought out the healing power of Lourdes.

Dr. Santora recounts the bizarre manner in which his prayers turned to action and describes what happened when the two of them arrived in this legendary place of “miracles” called Lourdes.

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Jane Wells, the long time journalist, reflects on the hacking of Sony computers and the effects it has on the upcoming filmThe Interview (this show recorded days before the movie’s scheduled release)…The crew also talks about Bill Cosby with Josh Mankiewicz weighing in.

Also, the group discusses Robert Blake, Ally Sheedy and which celebs have killed people.

Mike Rotman from Streaming Garage who has quietly made a fortune picking stocks.

First day of Hannukah…and Xmas talk.

Denver pot smoking and Mark talks about trying edible marijuana.

Mike Rotman offers stock tips on the pot shop and marijuana boom.

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jimmy dore

Guests: Jimmy Dore and Stef Zamorano

We just wind up Jimmy and turn him loose.

Among the things discussed:

Heather, fresh off a TMZ posting from Lance Bass’ bachelor party…

How Jimmy and Stef’s love story unfolded.

The movie experience…ruined

Stories of working on a cruise ship

Jimmy, outraged and outspoken, goes off on the U.S. torture report.

The group talks about the pending legislation to allow bankers to sell mortgage derivatives again.

Jimmy survives a death scare.

Steven Colbert at White House Correspondents’ Dinner (post link)

Get Jimmy Dore’s book ‘Your Country Is Just Not That Into You‘ today!

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Allee Willis

allee willis

Allee Willis has written some of the biggest hits in music (Earth, Wind and Fire’s Sept, Boogie Wonderland, Theme from Friends, Neutron Dance, Lead Me On…just to name a few), but her creativity goes beyond that. Besides being a Grammy Award winning songwriter, she’s also an accomplished painter and multi media artist. Allee sits down to talk about her amazing career.




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Just Mayo vs Hellman’s

just mayo
The company that makes JUST MAYO finds itself in a legal battle with the company that makes mayonnaise over use of the word MAYO on their product.
The CEO talks with Mark and Heather.


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