Trump Passion, Jimmy Dore & Meeting Legends and Idols

diamond and silk

Diamond and Silk are two women who have exploded on the internet with robust support of Donald Trump.

YouTube videos and stump speeches have made them such favorites of his campaign that they’ve joined him on the stump and they are among the few he’s following on Twitter.

We’ll hear excerpts of their impassioned support and talk to them about where the fire for Trump came from.

Then, Jimmy Dore stops by and shares stories of a great life moment –meeting Dick Van Dyke, Sam Elliot, Randy Newman and Don Rickles—all with different outcomes and reactions.

A couple of key moments from THE GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS…Bernie Sanders and the Iowa caucuses…

What makes a person happy, universal vibrations and more.

Mark Thompson is joined by J.Elvis Weinstein to talk with comic, Jimmy Dore.

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Boom or Bust- Looking Into the Future

dow jones

To call the future “uncertain” would be the understatement of the new year.

Someone who has been looking into the future for decades now joins us in this episode to give us a sense of at least one perspective on the future.

Gerald Celente is a future trends expert who has a team that THE ECONOMIST says has a “range of specialties (that) would rival many university faculties.”

Gerald talks world markets and gives us a window on what he does.

Then, Heather has an amazing, true life story of HUGE secret kept for years.

Heather Ankeny and J.Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson.

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The Fantasy Football Guru: Matthew Berry


Arguably the top dog in fantasy football is Matthew Berry.  The ESPN Senior Fantasy Football Analyst has turned his expertise into a robust industry.  That industry includes a popular podcast and website for starters, called

Of course, the world of fantasy sports has never been hotter and Matthew walks us through it all.

He has a dizzying command of statistics and performance strategies.  That’s made Matthew a highly sought after consultant to some huge celebrities from other worlds.

For example, he takes us inside being the fantasy football buddy of Jay-Z’s and sitting in on Jay-Z’s draft alongside other stars of the NBA and the hip hop world.
Plus, Matthew is expanding the reach of fantasy sports to another area completely and sucks the whole group into that new project.
Before the world of ESPN and fantasy sports blew up for him, Matthew had a career as a screen writer and producer and he takes the crew through some memorable moments   from his most notable film pitch.
Heather Ankeny is also someone with a deep fantasy football knowledge and sandwiched between them is J. Elvis Weinstein who is a newbie to the game.
Funny, smart and relevant: Matthew Berry joins Mark along with Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein.
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Andy Kindler Is Funny

andy kindler

Andy Kindler is the comic’s comic and his reflections on what he’s done and what he’s doing make this one of those conversations you just sit back and enjoy.


J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) is Andy’s good friend so the two have a conversational shorthand that’s fun to be in on.

Heather is away so it’s just Mark and Josh and Andy.

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Discovery Channel premiered its first-ever true crime series titled KILLING FIELDS Taking viewers inside an active criminal investigation as it unfolds. 
The series follows the hunt for the killer of a Louisiana woman. It’s a case that went cold nearly two decades ago in the small community of Iberville Parish, Louisiana, just 15 miles from the state capitol, Baton Rouge. 
In June 1997, Louisiana State University student Eugenie Boisfontaine was last seen near LSU’s lakes. Two months later, her body was found nearby in a watery ditch with evidence of blunt force trauma to her head. 
Who did it and why? Was her murder part of a much bigger string of killings? Between 1997 and 2003, there were 60 cases of missing and murdered women in the area that went unsolved. And to make it even more complicated, the Baton Rouge area had multiple serial killers operating at the same time with two of the their victims living on the same street as Eugenie.  Could these murders be connected?
Detective Rodie Sanchez was assigned to the case in 1997 and hasn’t stopped thinking about it since. He makes the bold decision to come out of retirement and gets permission to re-open the case. Rodie is determined to solve the mystery and make good on a broken promise to Eugenie’s mother: to find the person (or persons) responsible for killing her daughter.
Joining Rodie is a young hot-shot detective, Aubrey St. Angelo, who has a knack for reading people and isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions. 
The two work in conjunction with other top detectives.  With advancements in forensic science and DNA analysis, a lot has changed since 1997. But will this be enough to crack the case for good? And will Rodie be able to finally rest and move beyond the case that has forever haunted him?
Detectives Sanchez and St. Angelo join us in this episode of THE EDGE.
Hosts: Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J.Elvis Weinstein
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