Inside CPAC 2015, Wild Sex Stories Sort of & Explaining the Ending of Birdman

jimmy dore

Comedians Jimmy Dore and Stef Zamorano join Heather and Mark in a wild conversation that starts in the political realm with a report on CPAC from Mother Jones writer Sam Brodey.

From there the crew talks about it all..wild rock n’ roll sex stories (Mark tries to get Heather to confess a wild story), grammar questions for English teacher Stef.

Then it’s baldness cures and libido and interpreting the ending of the movie Birdman.

Jimmy and Stef are always the best.


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TV Titans Remembered…


Two notable friends of the show died this week.  

Simpsons creator, Sam Simon whose meteoric rise producing classic television comedy propelled him to the heights of the industry at an unprecedented early age. And creator of classic TV and film, Harve Bennett.

The crew looks back at these two men and talks about the way they were memorialized with help from Sam’s close pal, Emmy-winning comedy writer, Merrill Markoe.

King of TV and pop culture maven, Paul Goebel joins Heather and Mark.

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Sam Simon visits The Edge

sam simon

We thought we’d book our favorite guest first so that he can visit again and again.

It’s tough to think of anyone more accomplished in so many different areas than Sam Simon….creator of the most successful program in TV history (The Simpsons), producer/show-runner on Taxi, Cheers, The George Carlin Show and having accomplished all of that by age 35 Sam turned the flame up and started burning into the world of animal rights and welfare.



The Sea Shepard

Sam talks about his latest projects from Sea Shepherd to PETA and his dedication to animal welfare through The Sam Simon Foundation.

Finally, Sam takes us on a bizarre ride through his diagnosis and treatment for cancer and manages to work some laughs in.

Sam is charming, insanely intelligent, funny and sees the world with a rare clarity.

We love Sam Simon and you will too!

(The interview is longer than most of our shows will normally be but Sam’s worth it).




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The Elephant Whisperer


Ringling Bros. announces that they are going to eliminate the use of elephants in their circuses and we revisit our conversation with someone just back from the land of rescued elephants.

Returning from Thailand our guest, Jessica Davis, takes us through the grass roots humane efforts of Lek Chailert (known as The Elephant Whisperer) and her organization,  Elephant Nature Park

The park exists as a shelter to elephants that have been brutalized by the tourism and logging industries and end up orphaned, blind and disabled.

While these elephants have endured inconceivable torture and horror, Lek gives them the opposite, an environment at Elephant Nature Park where they can find the best of life.

Jessica offers a look at this magical world of the elephants in the park.

If, after listening, you have an interest in learning more about volunteering click this link

Heather Ankeny joins Mark for this show

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Acting and Activism: Alexandra and Jonathan Paul


Show biz talk and also the attempt to live a life of commitment to a cause…

Alexandra Paul had a successful acting career long before BAYWATCH and her activism in the world of animal rights has become in many ways just as high profile.

Mark, Heather and (King of TV) Paul Goebel ask her about film and television projects that she’s part of and then the conversation turns to activism.


Many say the secret weapon in Alexandra’s family from an activism standpoint is her brother Jonathan whose efforts to liberate animals and close down some of the most brutal slaughterhouse operations in the world, landed him in prison.   He is widely recognized as one of the most committed activists in the history of the modern animal rights movement.  Here, his gentle sound and thoughts reflect a heart touched by that world.

l-r: Alexandra, Jonathan, Caroline

l-r: Alexandra, Jonathan, Caroline

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brian williams

Heather visits her prisoner on Valentine’s Day.

Then ABC News White House and National Correspondent Jim Avila helps break down the Brian Williams mess.

What happened and why?  How could this trusted journalist suffer such a horrible fall?  Has he mortally wounded his career?

Jim Avila has operated at the highest levels of both NBC and ABC News and can offer a perspective that is otherwise hard to come by.


Avila is also a straight talking guy who’s not one to sugar coat things so he’s the perfect one to comment.  He joins the group via Skype.

Josh Weinstein joins with Heather.


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john collins

He moves from appearances on late night talk shows to exclusive conferences at Google and United Airlines. John Collins holds the world record for designing a paper airplane that has gone further than any in history.

He’s a published author of three books and his latest project is trying to bring money for science programs to underfunded programs nationwide through paper airplanes.

Watch John Collins’ World Record distance throw 226ft 10”

If you would like to donate to John’s Kickstarter campaign, click here (deadline is coming up so give him a hand).

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The Pit Bull of Comedy Bobby Slayton

bobby slayton

Bobby Slayton joins with his usual reckless abandon, and gives us our checkup on marriage, comedy, the road, family life and even Bill Cosby.

Heather joins Mark.


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Remembering “Doc” Paskowitz

4Doc Paskowitz led the family that’s been called the First Family of Surfing…featured in Vanity Fair and publications worldwide. Tommy Hilfiger named a line of beachwear after them, saying “there’s no one more cool and credible than the Paskowitzes.” Sal Paskowitz joins us to remember the leader of that family, his father, Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz who has just died.
2Sal talks about his father who threw away a lucrative medical practice, packed his wife and nine children into a van and took them on a continuing surfing odyssey.
While there may be people who drop out of mainstream society and take their family traveling to surf, Doc Paskowitz is the only one who did it his entire life.  Sal remembers his father’s  life which included working as a doctor in far flung locations and then quickly returning to the best waves whenever he could.
Doc pioneered the surfer life founding surf camps around the world  (he is credited with bringing surfing to Israel and donating surf boards to Palestinians as recently as 2007—feeling passionately that surfing could help bridge the gaps between people). Growing up in a small van with 11 people presented huge challenges for the family of course and Sal talks about some of those.
Salvador Paskowitz joins us to talk about his remarkable father just a few weeks after his father’s death.
There are clips in the show from the movie Surfwise available at
Sal joins Heather and Mark in this episode.
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esther the wonder pig
Esther the Wonder Pig  has a rock star following on Instagram and Facebook and has changed the way the people she lives with look at life.

Listen to the story of how this formerly little pig made it’s way into the lives of the people she lives with and into the hearts of people around the world. Meet Esther the Wonder Pig.

Mark Thompson and Heather Ankeny talk to Esther’s adopted family.


Mark and Heather look at the NY Times front page piece on a harrowing research facility that is funded with tax payer dollars and is trying to build the more “perfect beast” at a horrible price.

And Heather and Mark close out with talk of The Bachelor.

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