Reality TV Giant, Plus..Heather Gets a TV Show & Mark Officiates a Wedding


Heather gets a TV show and she gets trolled on Instagram.

J. Elvis Weinstein has lunch with a crime reporter.

Mark officiates at the wedding of Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz and The New York Times gets a key detail about the whole thing wrong.

Then it’s fun stories from REALITY TELEVISION with a REALITY TV PRODUCING KING, Cris Abrego.

Cris is recognized globally as pioneering a new genre of unscripted programming with the breakout celebreality series The Surreal Life and Flavor of Love and for riding herd over the mega-hits BIG BROTHER, BIGGEST LOSER, MASTER CHEF and more.

He is co-CEO of Endemol Shine North America and has great stories from the beginnings of reality TV during his days on MTV’S ROAD RULES and THE REAL WORLD.

Cris Abrego’s rise from the working class LA suburb of El Monte, California to become prominent in the television industry is nothing short of amazing.

In his book MAKE IT REALITY, Cris offers up lessons he learned from almost twenty years in Television—How to visualize your goals and attain them, dealing with risks and having no limits on what can be achieved.

Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J.Elvis Weinstein join in for the entire episode

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Her Husband Dealt Drugs.. She Didn’t..He Got 4 Years and She Got 20

jail cell

We start with a 10 minute blast of politics from political analyst and journalist Michael Shure talking with Mark Thompson.

Then our guest, Amy Povah…  

When Federal Drug agents burst into her home, Amy Povah was confronted at gunpoint. 

Amy was sentenced to two decades in prison and spent 10 years behind bars because her husband was dealing drugs.  She was not part of his drug dealing.  By the way, the husband pleaded his time down to 4 years.

It was her husband agents were after.  His overseas  ECSTASY drug operation had grown to the point that he was something of a kingpin.

Amy explains to Mark and Josh that she was not part of that operation but was faced with the specter of wearing a wire and becoming an underground informant anyway.  The Feds said that if she didn’t cooperate in that way they’d send her away for a mandatory 24 year sentence.

Worried about the danger etc. she didn’t cooperate in that way and they indeed sentenced her to two decades behind bars.

How she got out after 10 years and how she’s working to help others, often girlfriends and spouses or other family members in jail for sometimes something as little as taking a phone message for a known dealer, is part of what she talks about with Mark Thompson and J.Elvis Weinstein.

Her outreach and clemency program is CAN-DO, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders.   There’s more information at

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Ed Begley Jr. Builds His Dream House

ed begley

Ed Begley Jr. is an actor with a long, long list of credits like, St. Elsewhere (6 Emmy nominations) to features and stage productions and even back to the small screen, BETTER CALL SAUL and a hit Netflix series, LADY DYNAMITE.  

Ed is also a monument to sustainability.  He’s been on the cutting edge of living a sustainable life for decades. 

Now, he’s building a house which is dedicated to conserving energy and keeping the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Ed has enlisted the help of Scott Harris.

Scott is a builder with an impressive and high profile client list: Paul Allen, Taio Cruz, Kevin James, Kevin Costner, John Paul DeJoria, Neil Patrick Harris, the Sultan of Brunel and the Savoy Hotel-London.

The guys talk about little things we can all do to help the cause of sustainability and of course they talk HOLLYWOOD and more.

The episode kicks off with 10 minutes of political talk with regular contributor, Michael Shure.

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the best of it

Our newest regular contributor is political analyst, Michael Shure.  We’ll spend 10 minutes talking with Michael regularly about the unfolding political season and how the fast moving events of the world shape the respective presidential campaigns

Then, the documentary film, The Best Of It and the filmmaker, SCOTT PEARSON EBERLY… Scott talks about the characters that inhabit his film.  They are four people who make their sole living from betting on sports.

One of them, “Dink”, calls in during the show.

It’s a subculture that’s fascinating, exhilarating and maybe even a bit unsettling.

You don’t need to be a gambler for this episode or even to enjoy this film.  

Here’s the link to THE BEST OF IT movie:

Heather Ankeny and Josh Elvis Weinstein join Mark Thompson for the conversation with Scott.

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courtney thorne smith edge show

COURTNEY THORNE-SMITH is one of the most successful actresses in television.  

From Melrose Place and Ally McBeal to According to Jim and Two and A Half Men, her talents have been spread across many years in a career that’s going strong.

You will hear Mark fawn over her and J.Elvis Weinstein chime in along with the KING OF TV, PAUL GOEBEL who joins by phone.  Courtney tells us about the process of auditioning, getting high profile role and working family into the world of a successful acting career.

Here’s the King of TV website:


SANGITA IYER, who has made the documentary film GODS IN SHACKLES, talks about her campaign of awareness to stop the abuse of Asian Elephants in India, a country which claims to revere and celebrate elephants but actually has institutionalized their torture and abuse.

For information on the GODS IN SHACKLES movie and campaign against this cruelty:

and … 

to attend the red carpet premiere in L.A click here!

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