Daniele Watts

Daniele Watts, an actress from Django Unchained, and Chef BeLive aka Brian Lucas www.ChefBeLive.com should be sampling the best of what L.A. has to offer. They are artists with a strong hand in the creative community with Daniele educated at USC and the British American Drama Academy in London.   But they are both people in the center of an ongoing controversy that’s going back to court in just a few days.

Certainly, the questioning and subsequent arrest of Daniele Watts seems as though it was a situation that blew up into more than it should have. She admits in this conversation she had a hand in that as well.
The incident, in which police responded to a call about Daniele and her boyfriend having a sexual encounter in a parked car on an L.A. street, became a high profile case about race and policing. We ask her and Brian what was going on in the car that day.

Ultimately the story involved an audio tape recorded by Sgt. Jim Parker (the responding officer). The tape gave listeners an idea of what went on during the exchange between officers and Daniele and Brian.

The tape was leaked to TMZ apparently to clear the reputations of the cops who were taking on ugly charges of racism around the arrest both in published reports and internet postings worldwide.

The now famous tape seems to reflect an exchange that, indeed, has nothing much to do with race.

But in this conversation, Daniele Watts explains the emotion and history that’s coming to the exchange and how the encounter with police officers was a flashpoint for her.

While not explaining away her emotion, the conversation certainly helps the listener understand what’s in her head.

Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein (Josh) join Mark Thompson and press Daniele about why the whole thing turned into such a mess. And ask her about the now controversial, court ordered APOLOGY LETTER (the full text below). The court ruled it insufficient and ordered the letter rewritten.

We also don’t think it’s much of an apology and we ask Daniele why the apology is so difficult.

It’s a spirited and enlightening conversation with two people who we haven’t heard in a long form conversation since the incident.

(NOTE—Daniele seemed to have softened within hours of having recorded this show—as though maybe the conversation was oddly therapeutic she seemed anxious to apologize and put this whole chapter of her life behind her—we’ll keep you updated.)

Read Daniele’s apology letter rejected by court

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josh and ben

Dateline NBC”s Josh Mankiewicz and Turner Classic Movies’ and The Young Turks’ Ben Mankiewicz

Josh and Ben Mankiewicz grew up in and around politics but are from show business royalty, as the grandsons of Herman Mankiewicz.  Herman is the man who wrote the classic film CITIZEN KANE.

In fact,members of the Mankiewicz family have produced, written and created some of the biggest entertainment franchises on TV and film. 

In this hour…everything from politics to show business.

This episode: 

Puling apart The Trump phenomenon…The Classic Murder Movie, Double Indemnity, as it would be reported on Dateline NBC. 

The stars and starlets that connected with the Mankiewicz family in Hollywood…and…The new kind of kidnapping.

Heather Ankeny joins Mark.

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The Wild, Wonderful Life of Andy Dick

andy dick

He’s one of the more entertaining and honest figures in all of television, film, music and even Periscope.

Regardless of the medium Andy has enjoyed great popularity


His stints in various rehabs never really “took” but he talks about his latest experience in a different way.  One that he seems to be happy with.

J.Elvis Weinstein and Heather Ankeny join Mark Thompson for Andy’s visit.

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Escaped Drug Lord El Chapo Calls With Life Advice

el chapo

From the mind and mouth of our friend, Josh Robert Thompson. Check out his work and current projects at jrtvoices.com

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The Real Life FOXCATCHER Story

schultz brothers

What’s it like to have your life turned into a movie?

The film FOXCATCHER is based on Mark Schultz’s life story and he says it’s not exactly what he’d expected.

Together with his brother Dave, Mark Shultz built an unprecedented wrestling record.

The Schultz brothers won more NCAA, US Open, World, and Olympic titles than any American brother combination in wrestling history.

In fact, Mark and Dave are the only two brothers ever to both win an Olympic and a World gold medal.

FOXCATCHER was the name given to the wrestling compound that the paranoic, uber-wealthy John DuPont created to “coach” wrestlers although DuPont knew NOTHING about wrestling.

Mark Schultz’s brother Dave was ultimately murdered by DuPont and the depiction of that murder in the film is eerily accurate.

What else is true and what was altered for the film?

Mark Schultz tells his story to Mark Thompson, Heather Ankeny and J. Elvis Weinstein on THE EDGE.

Here is a link to the website Mark Schultz talks about during the conversation.


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